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Building Trust. Dreaming Big. Being Awesome. Want to know more about what it’s like to work for one of the highest ranked security companies there is? Let us show you a few things.

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The Teams. Where do you fit in?

Sales Team


You’ll love working in Sales for Frontpoint. Our turnover rate is extremely low. We don’t cold call. You’ll only speak with prospects who have expressed an interest in a security system. And to make things even easier, we’re the highest-rated home security provider on nearly every review site in the country.

Customer Relations Team

Customer Relations

We take customer satisfaction to a new level, creating a refreshingly gratifying experience with every customer interaction. One look at our online reviews tells you how successful we are. We love making people happy, solving their problems and helping them rest easy.

Marketing Team


Marketing at Frontpoint is matchmaking – facilitating a union between home security technology and the homeowner. As a part of our Marketing department you’ll captivate, educate and persuade the customer. You’ll be our voice.

Technology Team


Technology is the backbone of Frontpoint. Our IT department supports the company by providing efficient, cutting-edge tools, maintaining the integrity of existing technology, and ensuring a solid technical foundation for growth. As an administrator of this world-class work environment, you’ll instill the trust and peace of mind our employees need to change the security industry.

Fulfillment Team


After a prospect becomes a customer, Fulfillment ships their security system. It arrives surprisingly quickly, it looks great and it works perfectly. It’s exactly what the customer wanted. Fulfillment mission accomplished.

Humar Relations Team

Human Resources

At Frontpoint, HR is more than just employee benefits packages and offer letters. We're all about the Employee Experience. Experiencing Frontpoint is experiencing a workplace culture unlike any other. Join us and you'll be fostering employee interaction as well as satisfaction, through social, wellness and work-related events, while promoting the Core Values that drive our success. We're the people people!

Strategy and Analysis Team

Marketing & Analysis

With vision extending beyond the horizon, this team guides the preparation, organization and implementation of strategic programs for years to come. We’re the strategic analysts, planners and advisors whose insight and direction lead the company to success.

Finance Team


Numbers. You can't help but love them. The numbers have a safe home in our Finance department, which consists of both Accounting and Financial Planning and Analysis. Accounting owns the checkbook, managing financial transactions across the company. FP&A guides the company toward sound expenditures, initiatives and investments, based on data from forecasting and performance analysis.

Compliance Team


We’re the security company people trust, because we do things right. Compliance ensures adherence to legal and jurisdictional regulation, and provides all necessary related information to our customers.