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If you're looking for reliable, effective home security equipment, you've come to the right place. FrontPoint partners with GE Security to provide the highest quality alarm equipment available. Every component in our system comes with a 2-year warranty. Outstanding battery life provides long-term dependability and protects you during a power outage. We're so confident in the excellence of our system that we offer every customer a 30-day, risk-free, money-back trial.

Most importantly, FrontPoint gives you 100% wireless connections between every device. We use wireless and cellular technology from Alarm.com to create an alarm system that is not only safer than conventional systems, but also simpler and more convenient. This safe, smart security approach puts you in charge, providing extra options for control and awareness. Access your FrontPoint system from wherever you are. It's online and it's mobile. Just like you.

Our comprehensive set of wireless alarm equipment includes: controls, video surveillance cameras, intruder, and fire and environmental sensors, and even home automation. Customize your system, choosing the best options for your home and lifestyle. Our security professionals will provide the advice, suggestions or answers you need. Our system is so easy to set up, you don't have to schedule a technician's visit. Our pricing is also simple and straight-forward, with no hidden fees. We even give you free shipping.

The equipment, which is made by GE, arrived 3 days later, and I installed it myself in about 30 minutes. It is all wireless, so there are no problems with running lines or drilling cable paths. After the equipment was installed I called the FrontPoint office and in a few minutes the system and monitoring were activated."
Geridoc, Epinions

Put Interactive Monitoring to Work

Your security system will arrive pre-programmed for your house and ready to go. We'll guide you through set up and activation, assuring that you're 100% comfortable with every element. Then the system goes to work. Sensors standing guard. Control Panel overseeing every detail. Monitoring Center prepared and alert, 24/7. Behind it all: the Customer Service team that gets the best reviews in the industry.

Do you travel often, or worry about your family's safety while you're at work? With FrontPoint's interactive monitoring, you're never out of the loop. Choose features like mobile apps, email alerts and video surveillance. With FrontPoint’s security cameras you can monitor activity at your house, inside and out. Even in the dark. View the onsite feed live on your computer, PDA or smartphone. Any motion at the house triggers a video clip, and an alert straight to you.

Your house is your shelter and your castle. It's also a big investment. We help you protect that investment, while we protect your family. Our complete alarm system safeguards your home against more than intruders.

With your hectic schedule, you're looking for convenient options that help make life easier. That's why we also offer Home Automation options. With our cutting-edge wireless technology you can turn lights on and off, open or lock the door, and control your thermostat. Automatically! The controls are integrated right in to our alarm system, and available to you online.

Check out the FrontPoint sensors for:

Secure Your Home

Room By Room

Experience home security in action, in our interactive home. Visit every room. It's the simplest way to see how safer, smarter security can fit in your home.
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Control Panel


The central management device for all sensor activity, including cellular communication with the Monitoring Center
> See the Panel

Touch Screen


A convenient device for controlling your system from a secondary location, like an upstairs bedroom
> See the Touch Screen

Talking Remote Touchpad


Another option for arming, disarming and controlling your alarm system, with voice-activated commands
 > See the Touchpad

Keychain Remote


A portable device for arming and disarming the system from anywhere. It even lets you control the lights
See the Remote

Panic Pendant


A quick, safe way to send out an alarm, in case of an intruder or medical emergency. Small enough for your pocket!
> See the Pendant

Door & Window Sensor


A discreet two-piece device that tells you when a door or window is opened or closed
> See the Sensor

Glass Break Sensor


Protects you from burglary by detecting the sound of breaking windows or sliding glass doors
> See the Sensor

Motion Sensor


Detects motion within a large area; a perfect money-saving alternative for rooms with lots of windows 
See the Sensor

Recessed Door Sensor


This discreet device works like a Door Sensor, but can be hidden inside a door frame, for aesthetic reasons
> See the Sensor

Smoke & Heat Sensor


Protects against fire by detecting smoke particles or rapidly rising temperatures
> See the Sensor

Water & Flood Sensor


Detects the presence of water, to give you instant warning about leaks or flood conditions
> See the Sensor

Garage Door Sensor


Monitors the angle of the garage door, to alert you if someone opens it, or if you forgot to shut it
> See the Sensor

Outdoor Camera


A weather-resistant camera that provides live video streaming of your backyard or driveway
> See the Camera

Wireless Indoor Camera


Provides a live video feed from inside your house, which you can monitor anytime, anywhere, online
> See the Camera

Pan & Tilt Camera


Control this camera's position remotely, panning around, or up and down, to view an entire room
> See the Camera

Freeze Sensor


Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst. This sensor gives you early warning to prevent costly water damage
> See the Sensor

CO Sensor


Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas that you can't see – but our sensor can detect it and alert you in time
> See the Sensor

Light Control


Automate your lights, for added safety and convenience, with online access and scheduling capabilities
> See the Light Control

Yard Sign


Alarm systems are a proven deterrent for burglars. Order an extra FrontPoint yard sign to show your home is protected
> See the Sign

Window Decals


If a burglar tries to climb in your window, decals will warn him that FrontPoint has you covered
> See the Decal

Wow Service

We'd love to make your day. We'll provide as much information as you need. Our Security Consultants are friendly and truly knowledgeable. No song and dance, no high-pressure sales pitch. FrontPoint is a different kind of alarm company.

So, what makes our day? Receiving customers' thank you notes, reading their 5-star reviews, and watching videos of their FrontPoint stories. We'd love for you to hear about FrontPoint service from our customers' point of view.

Call us with your questions. We're eager to help.


We chose FrontPoint because it was the least expensive way that we could find to get what we wanted from a security system. We liked the system so much I even convinced my boss to get Front Point at his house and he loves it too.

Jessica Kramer

You can set up customizable alarm pin numbers for EACH person that has access to your house — you can disable any of these codes without interrupting your own, or without having to redistribute access to other people.

Karen Pike Jennings
FrontPoint Security

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