Our Keychain Remote makes arming and disarming simpler than ever. It's a small control device that attaches to your keys, so it's always with you. Use it to disarm your system and turn on lights before entering. In emergencies you can also hit the Panic Alarm. It's the most convenient way to stay safe!

  • Setup and Use

    Attach the Keychain Remote to your keys. Some customers also keep one in a handy drawer in the house. They're built for convenience, so put them anywhere in easy reach.

    Use it to arm and disarm the system and turn lights on and off. In emergencies you can quickly send a Panic Alarm. The Remote operates anywhere within 100-200 feet of your FrontPoint Control Panel.

    These affordable devices are so useful that each family member is likely to request one. Extra convenience for frequent visitors, too!

    If your Keychain Remote is ever lost or stolen, we can easily remove its access code from your system. With our Interactive or Ultimate Monitoring plan, we'll send you email or text messages whenever the system is armed or disarmed. We'll even let you know who entered the commands, based on their Keychain Remote code.

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  • Tech Specs

    • 1.4" wide x 2.3" high x 0.4" deep
    • Battery: 12V alkaline battery – size A23
    • Typical battery life: ~5-8 years
  • Our Customers Say It Best

    "Great system! Love the keychain when coming in the house."
    Michelle G., Kentucky

  • $29.99

    Save up to $300 by signing up for 3 years of alarm monitoring.

    Built Just For You

    All FrontPoint alarm systems are customized, just for your home. We have interactive tutorials to help you choose.

    Try It Risk Free

    Every FrontPoint system comes with a 30-day 100% risk free trial. You can return it for any reason. For a complete refund. We even cover the return shipping costs.

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We chose FrontPoint because it was the least expensive way that we could find to get what we wanted from a security system. We liked the system so much I even convinced my boss to get Front Point at his house and he loves it too.

Jessica Kramer

You can set up customizable alarm pin numbers for EACH person that has access to your house — you can disable any of these codes without interrupting your own, or without having to redistribute access to other people.

Karen Pike Jennings
FrontPoint Security

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