Wireless Light Control is one of FrontPoint's smart home automation features. Now it's easy to turn lights and small appliances on or off – from outside the house! No more creeping around in a dark house, looking for the switch.

Home Automation offerings such as Light Control offer the latest innovations in home security. As always, FrontPoint strives to increase your safety while making your life easier. Call us for more details on these devices. Our security consultants can help you customize your home alarm system today.

  • Setup and Use

    Use the Wireless Light Control to simulate someone at home, or turn on lights before you walk in. It also works on small appliances, so use it to turn on the coffee maker before you go downstairs in the morning! Just plug your Wireless Light Control into an outlet for any standard incandescent lamp or appliance. Your FrontPoint Control Panel will talk to it.

    The Wireless Light Control works with FrontPoint's Interactive or Ultimate Monitoring plans. The interactive feature gives you many customization options such as:

    • Remote Control: Turn lights on or off over the web, using your laptop or smartphone
    • Scheduled Automation: Set a schedule for lights to be on at specific times, on specific days of the week
    • Event-Triggered Automation: Set your lights to react to specific alarm sensors. For example, set living room lights to turn on when your garage door opens, or if your security sensors detect an intrusion.

    Don't use a Light Control to power on any medical or life support equipment. It's also best to avoid outlets that are controlled by a switch, so you don't inadvertently switch this function off.

    FrontPoint is constantly working to increase your safety while making life easier. All our Home Automation devices come from a variety of third party manufacturers, to increase your available options. The FrontPoint Control Panel is compatible with these devices.

    We'd love to share more details and provide recommendations. Call our security consultants today.

  • Tech Specs

    • 2.5" high x 8.2" long x 7.2" wide
    • Z-Wave controlled AC outlet with remote on/off
    • Space efficient design doesn't block outlet
    • Grounded 3-wire power connection for safety
    • Range: up to 65 feet (from Control Panel). Additional control units can increase range
    • The device plugged into the Z-Wave controlled outlet on this module must not exceed 600 watts (Incandescent); 1800W (15A) Resistive or ½ HP Motor.
    • Total load capacity for both outlets is 1800W (15A) resistive
    • Never use to supply power to, or control the On/Off status of medical and/or life support equipment
    • Each wall or obstacle (i.e.: refrigerator, big screen TV, etc.) between the device and Control Panel will reduce the maximum range by ~25-30%.

  • $49.99

    Save up to $300 by signing up for 3 years of alarm monitoring.

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We chose FrontPoint because it was the least expensive way that we could find to get what we wanted from a security system. We liked the system so much I even convinced my boss to get Front Point at his house and he loves it too.

Jessica Kramer

You can set up customizable alarm pin numbers for EACH person that has access to your house — you can disable any of these codes without interrupting your own, or without having to redistribute access to other people.

Karen Pike Jennings
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