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Colorado Community Sees Unusual Spike in Burglaries – Crime Hits the Slopes in Vail, CO

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September 12, 2011
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Colorado Community Sees Unusual Spike in Burglaries – Crime Hits the Slopes in Vail, CO

The recent increase in home (and business) intrusion that has plagued many portions of the US has brought crime to locales that have been relatively free from burglaries up until now. Sometimes these supposedly “safe havens” are in rural areas, which we have seen are no longer immune to break-ins. And in other situations, the perps are preying on resort communities where we don’t think of crime as an issue. Two recent articles on Vail, Colorado prove the point (click here or here for details).

We like to think of the Vail Valley as a safe place. And it is, mostly. That means much of what property crime we do have is fairly easy to prevent. Detectives with the Eagle County Sheriff's Office are investigating several burglaries right now, all of which have taken place over the past month. Those crimes range from items stolen while a house was being painted to burglaries at occupied homes in Beaver Creek to taking money from an ATM on Vail Mountain.

And This Report:

The Eagle County Sheriff's Office responded to a burglary call near Intermountain Tuesday where $100,000 worth of jewelry had been stolen. A suspect or suspects broke into the locked single-family home while the homeowner was not there and stole “very expensive” jewelry, said Eagle County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly. Cordingly said one single piece of jewelry stolen from the home on Basingdale Boulevard was valued at about $25,000.

The Eagle County Sheriff's Office did have a suspect as of Wednesday and was interviewing that person, she said. Cordingly did not say why the person was a suspect or how the person was located. The Sheriff's Office reported that the home was ransacked during the burglary. The Sheriff's Office statement released Wednesday said it's important to keep valuables out of plain sight and in a secure location such as a safe deposit box or bolted-down floor safe.

The Usual Good Advice

Detective Mike McWilliam said many local burglaries are “crimes of opportunity,” meaning a door is left unlocked or a garage door might be open. While the burglaries in Beaver Creek were particularly brazen, McWilliam said they could have been prevented by locking doors and ground-level windows.

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