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Customer Spotlight - Glen LaBar Jr.

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June 2, 2014
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Customer Spotlight - Glen LaBar Jr.


What led you to purchase a home security system?

After a break-in down the street, we felt like we needed some extra security and peace of mind knowing our home is safer.

How did you end up choosing FrontPoint as your home security provider?

Looked up a whole bunch of security system companies online and your company was #1. Plus the reviews of your system and company were A+.

Name the feature(s) of the FrontPoint system that you love and/or could not live without.

We love the option to put certain doors and windows on immediate alarm if triggered.

Tell us about a unique/favorite experience you had with FrontPoint, either with the system or service.

Honestly, FrontPoint is hands down the best company when it comes to customer service. You are an example of how a company should be. Every time I call for even the littlest thing, your employees are kind, considerate and make sure they help you with whatever you need.

Word association time. What words do you think of when you hear FrontPoint?


One of our core values is ‘Build Trust,’ what does that mean to you?

One thing I learned from one of my bosses is you have to give a little to get a lot. Your company does that by giving excellent customer service and going above and beyond. I saw a picture of your CEO rushing to get a package out by 11 PM because you promised a customer it would be, THAT is why your company is #1 and trustworthy.

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June 12, 2014 at 9:48 PM
I have been a user of home security devices for over 30 years, including when I was married. I have never believed that a home security system would catch a burglar because by the time the phone land line finally opened up for use the security company would call to see if everything was OK, and that means that at least 15 minutes have already passed! With FrontPoint, the check-up call comes through immediately! I also bolster my security with a pair of 500 pound safes! Having insurance to cover ones self as well is also a great idea! FrontPoint, in my opinion, is leasing the way for better, faster, and smarter home security. When I first called FrontPoint, I was amazed that the young lady was so fast and accurate. I received the system within a short period of time, only to find that the door and window magnetic units were not going to work on my particular house. I called an agent from FrontPoint, feeling a little disappointed that the biggest piece of the system wouldn't work and quite frankly, looks as ugly as a mud fence! I am sure that the devices in question would work in many other applications, but not mine. The following morning, I began to pack up the system to send back, and the phone started ringing off the hook! I would almost bet that at least 5 different people from FrontPoint started calling to solve the problem and a different product that would work in my application, and look professional. Each and every person I talked to had a good answer and many times the answer would match what another agent had already suggested, and how to easily send back the parts that weren't being used. I honestly, have never had that many individuals at one time work to solve the issues and to make me happy! WOW, if every business in America worked like the agents at FrontPoint, the entire world would be a better place! After all the work was done, I still received a lot of follow up calls just to make sure I was satisfied, and when I called to start the system working, the gentleman that was doing the job had more patience than I could possibly expect! He didn't miss covering all that I needed to know, and how to do's, and the system's testing. He made sure that every question I had was answered thoroughly and he even covered things that I hadn't yet thought of to asked! How could a system not be so correct, when we are the installers? No way Jose! I really believe that FrontPoint should change their name to "Awesome Home Security!" Thank you all for doing such a fantastic job for me, and the "super fast" calls that came to my cell phone when I set the system off when I walked my Yorkee out the back door to do her thing before I shut off the alarm system! I have already told many people abut FrontPoint, their system, their expertise, and their competitive nature in all! I will undoubtedly utilize FrontPoint for as long as I live, wherever I choose to live! Rick Chase- Customer
Gilbert Cho
June 16, 2014 at 2:27 PM
Richard, all I can say is wow! Thank you for all the kind words! I'm happy to hear that you got to experience the level of customer service that we pride ourselves on. And I'll be sure to relay your suggestion to change our name to "Awesome Home Security" to the head honchos here, but I won't promise anything! Thanks again for sharing your awesome story and please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or questions.
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