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Customer Spotlight - Jeff A.

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By: Editor
February 3, 2014
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Customer Spotlight - Jeff A.

Why did you purchase a home security system?

Locks can't do it all, then again neither can a security system. It's an added barrier of protection and a great deterrent. Deterrence is key and that's primarily why I purchased my system.

Why FrontPoint Security?

I chose Frontpoint primarily due to the cellular based system and customer service. One added feature was the fact that I was able to install the system and future upgrades myself. It's an added layer of protection, as I don't have strangers coming into my house to install the system

What feature(s) of the FrontPoint system you like most?

The ability to have access and control over my alarm via the phone app is pretty handy to have. Also the ease of use of ZWave integration and it's upgradability on Frontpoints system, scores huge points.

How do you use your FrontPoint system?

 I use the system primarily for entry points and motion. At some point I'll upgrade to the thermostat and the monitored smoke/heat detection. That alone will save me some insurance money!

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