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FrontPoint Advantage: Home Automation

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June 27, 2014
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FrontPoint Advantage: Home Automation

FrontPoint recognized the potential of home automation back when the company was founded in 2007. Every FrontPoint system sold is automation-ready, giving customers the convenience to go along with top-notch home security.

Here’s how FrontPoint customers can use their home alarm system to make their lives a little easier.

Light Control: The Wireless Light Control can be used to remotely turn lights on and off, or to schedule lights to come on at specific times. Lights can also be set to react to specific alarm sensors – like having the lights turn on when a Door Window Sensor is triggered.

Thermostat Control: An automated thermostat can be paired with FrontPoint systems to give customers additional comfort, while helping them save money and energy. Users can remotely control their thermostat to adjust the temperature to exactly how they want it, right before they come home.

Door Locks: Keypad door locks are more secure than traditional lock-and-key models. When paired with a FrontPoint system, the keypad locks provide customers with improved peace of mind. The system helps users monitor who’s coming and going, and manages visitor entry through unique entry codes. It’s the perfect way to keep tabs on service providers and kids.

It’s incredibly important to FrontPoint to provide customers with the best experience possible. Along with an easy-to-use system and amazing customer service, home automation features is another way FrontPoint makes life easier.

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