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FrontPoint Continues to Top the Home Alarm System Reviews

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By: Editor
August 6, 2013
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FrontPoint Continues to Top the Home Alarm System Reviews

In our blog on June 21, we happily reported that FrontPoint Security was named the best home security company on more consumer review sites than any other alarm company. We cited security industry websites such as A Secure Life, Security System Reviews and Best Home Security System.

Since then we've seen FrontPoint taking the #1 spot on several other review sites, and we think that’s worth further investigation. What makes FrontPoint the best home alarm system, in the eyes of both the industry experts and the customers?

What Reviewers Look for in Home Alarm Systems

In the first paragraph of their review, Top Home Security Systems cites FrontPoint’s patented Crash-and-Smash technology as one of our unique and important benefits. The Crash-and-Smash safety feature is built into our system Control Panel, and supported by as part of their interactive monitoring platform. This patented safety feature ensures that during a break-in, an alert will reach the FrontPoint Monitoring Center, even if the burglar destroys the Control Panel during the brief interval before the alarm sounds.

For more information on Crash-and-Smash, see our blog about security equipment, posted July 11, in which we discuss why consumer sites like Home Security Systems Reviews favor GE Security equipment over Honeywell (the Crash-and-Smash feature is an important distinction).

Cellular Monitoring Is Critical

The primary FrontPoint difference, however, noted by many reviewers, is our cellular monitoring. Alarm Systems Report says:

FrontPoint provides wireless alarm systems with cellular monitoring and web/remote access at some of the most affordable and competitive prices.  FrontPoint has proved from day one that it is the company to beat in the home alarm arena.

… FrontPoint provides 100% cellular monitoring with all of its alarm systems.  Cellular monitoring is the most reliable and safest method for monitoring an alarm system.  No phone lines are required and no internet connection is needed in order to use FrontPoint’s system.

As this review points out, cellular monitoring is safer than phone or internet connections. That’s because phone and internet lines are vulnerable, especially to burglars with wire cutters. The only monitoring connection you can truly count on is cellular, because it is virtually tamper-proof and virtually invincible, even in natural disasters.

FrontPoint Interactive Technology Tops the Charts

The website called Best Home Alarm Systems HQ focuses on some of FrontPoint’s other advantages, such as our free mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, and our Home Automation capabilities.

Advanced interactive features are extremely popular with customers in today’s connected, home security industry. Customers want information at their fingertips, and that’s what they get with FrontPoint. They receive instant alerts if any security sensor detects potential trouble signs at their house – whether it’s an intrusion or a leaky hose in the laundry room. Customers can check on their home anytime they want, from anywhere, using FrontPoint’s free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. They can even view live and recorded video of their home. With FrontPoint you can know your home is safe, any time of the day or night, no matter where you are.

Home automation is another advanced feature of the FrontPoint comprehensive alarm system. This feature enables customers to enhance the comfort and convenience of their homes, in addition to improving security. It also helps customers save on their utility bills. Again, all control is available remotely, using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Customers can turn lights on and off, turn the AC up or down, and lock or unlock their door, from anywhere.

What Do the Customers Think?

Many consumer advocate sites use customer comments and reviews to determine their recommendations. As you would imagine, Customer Service is a big factor in these reviews. 6Webs, for example, which also places FrontPoint in the #1 slot for best home alarm system, mentions customer service in their opening sentence:

FrontPoint Security is the best home security system company for several reasons including their ability to maintain an outstanding customer service record and deliver 100% cellular monitoring services for their wireless home security systems.

Angie’s List has honored FrontPoint with their coveted Super Service Award, for two years in a row. As you’ll note in the customer reviews on Angie’s List – or on any review site – customers love the service FrontPoint provides. They frequently describe FrontPoint personnel as extremely helpful and responsive. FrontPoint is a company customers feel good about entrusting with the safety of their home.

Here at FrontPoint we love to be the company people love, and we promise to work hard to continue earning the #1 spot in the home alarm system reviews.

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