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Geo-Services and Thermostats, What's the Big Deal?

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July 30, 2014
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Geo-Services and Thermostats, What's the Big Deal?

The thermostat at my house is a finicky beast.

One moment, it’ll be set at the perfect temperature and then the next thing I know, the thermostat magically decides that it needs to be 10 degrees cooler. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, it’s not pleasant coming home to an environment that’s more suitable for polar bears and penguins. The final blow comes when I get my monthly energy bill – it’s not cheap sustaining (unwillingly) my own personal Antarctica.

I’m sure I’m not alone. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something to get rid of these pesky thermostat problems?

Geo-Services and Automated Thermostats

Thankfully, there is! There’s actually quite a few ways, but let’s focus on a solution for home alarm system users – this is the Home Security Blog after all.

That solution is Geo-Services, a feature provided by and used by FrontPoint. When paired with a compatible automated thermostat, Geo-Services will help you get rid of your temperature woes.

The Basic Functionality of Geo-Services

You begin using Geo-Services by setting up a ‘geo-fence’, a user-specified invisible area that surrounds the location of the security system – think of an imaginary dome around your house or office. Whenever you pass through the geo-fence, either by leaving or coming into the area, the rules and settings that have been applied to your system will automatically go into effect.

There are a few rules and settings that can be applied, but out favorite is thermostat automation.

You can set up your system so that your home’s temperature will automatically adjust based on your location. If you’re leaving, have the thermostat shut off. Then when you come back home, have it turn back on when you enter the neighborhood. You can avoid feeling like you walked straight into the Amazon rainforest during a hot summer day.

Saving Benefits

Automatic adjustments of your thermostat is a great and effective way to remain comfortable. But the best part is when you receive your energy bill and see the huge savings – and you’ll be helping out the environment.

In addition, Geo-Services do not cost extra for customers with Interactive or Ultimate Monitoring!

Always Looking to Make Life Easier for Customers

FrontPoint is committed to improving the user experience. This means providing you with fantastic customer service, as well as features like Geo-Services to help make your life a little bit easier.

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September 1, 2014 at 1:14 AM
I always get the feeling that you are not quite sure how to sell the automation part of thermostats or if ADC is not providing enough information. Well, I will be giving it a go this winter after a small wiring change (old house, but I already have the TSTAT) for the most part because the family is often home during the week, but forgets to return the set back when they leave! That is reason enough for me! (the automation bit... automatically turn it down or up depending on whether we are home or not without us having to remember) In any case, when I dig around there seems to be very little information available about the extra features that ADC comments on... triggers, or the automatic thermostat set back on extra cold days, or how they actually use the sensors to determine your patterns (I mean the Nest is basically a one room motion detector, while I have three motions and a bunch of window and door sensors). How about a little more insight ?
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