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By: Editor
April 1, 2013
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Home Monitoring Today

About the Guest Blogger:

Amy Kothari, CEO of My Alarm Center, leads one of the largest and fastest growing alarm service providers in the US. She has been recognized by the industry for her service and contribution, and is a featured speaker at industry events. We are happy to have such a highly regarded alarm professional adding her voice to the FrontPoint blog.

Sometimes, business or pleasure takes you away from your home, potentially leaving your home vulnerable to intruders and thieves. The rapid advancement of technology has made home monitoring affordable and accessible to people who may not have otherwise considered adding an extra layer of security to their dwelling.

The growing use of smartphones, tablets and desktops are some of the most popular means by which people can keep tabs on their home while on vacation, an extended business trip, or even just leaving the home for an evening out. Wireless cameras can be installed on the premises, capturing video on or around the property and sending footage to a secured IP network for monitoring. Wireless technology makes it easier to hone in on certain areas of the home that may be most vulnerable to break-ins or breaches in security.

The progression of technology has allowed wireless cameras to be even more effective than their wired predecessors, and wireless home security systems are highly affordable and easy to use.  Many of these wireless home automation systems allow homeowners to have direct access to this secured monitoring network through smartphones and tablets even while on the go.

Taking this a step further, most network and IP cameras on the market today come bundled with computer, iPhone and/or Android apps that allow homeowners to view recorded or real-time video of their home while they’re away. Even if your mind is on vacation, it’s a rare person these days who leaves his or her home without a smartphone. This makes so many of these home automation apps ideal for giving homeowners quick, easy-access and peace of mind knowing  they can “check in” on what’s happening back home.

With so many home automation systems incorporating apps into their configuration, it’s becoming more accessible for average homeowners to become involved in the process of monitoring their homes. With this access it also affords homeowners more convenience to their daily lives while at home.

Home monitoring can save you money in the form of protecting your valuables and property, however, its partner -- home automation can also help to conserve cash, as well as energy through temperature and light control.  A variety of apps on the market allow homeowners to pre-program lights to go on and off at certain times to give the impression that someone is home. While this is a great way to thwart any attempts at break-ins, automated lighting also helps to whittle down your energy usage.  Also, temperature control has a direct impact on the financial bottom line when you can preprogram the heat and A/C to be lowered or turned off when you’re away or if you forget, you can do it from your smartphone at any time.

Beyond the obvious advantage of deterring would-be intruders, the wealth of home monitoring options currently available -- and growing -- afford homeowners a greater sense of ease when it comes to ensuring that their home, property, and family stay safe while they’re away.

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