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Home Security Systems - Crime Spotlight: Chester County, PA

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November 30, 2010
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Home Security Systems - Crime Spotlight: Chester County, PA

Three burglars, 33 burglaries, and $158,000 of stolen property - that’s the bad news from Chester County, PA, where the three have been arrested and charged for a burglary spree lasting several months and covering 13 townships. I used to live in Chester County, so I recognize the names of the towns that were hit – and also recognize several familiar components in the report: what the burglars stole, their method for gaining entry, and what they did with the stolen property. What sets this story apart is not just how many homes they robbed, but also how well several local law enforcement agencies cooperated to put the intruders out of business – and hopefully behind bars. Here’s a link to the full report.

Three Chester County residents are accused of stealing more than $158,000 worth of property from 33 homes during a months-long series of crimes, police said. The thieves typically knocked on doors and would ask for directions if anyone answered; if not, they would force entry, usually through a rear door or window, authorities said. Detectives have recovered many of the stolen items, some of which were traced through search warrants and pawn shops.

This approach to illegal entry (knock first, then break in through a less visible access point) is widely reported across the US, and appears to be the standard tactic for these serial intruders. There are even more similarities to other aspects of burglaries I’ve posted on, such as what items were stolen. Here’s a telling excerpt:

Not all of the burglaries occurred during the day, however. Police said some were committed at night, with one victim asleep in the home during the burglary. Items such as electronics, jewelry, money and firearms were targeted.

While it’s encouraging that these criminal behaviors are becoming so predictable, the bad news is that burglaries are spiking in locations all across the US – and during this time of year we are particularly vulnerable. In case you missed it, here’s a link to my recent post on the Top Ten home security tips for the holidays. Plenty of families leave an empty home during the day, when the majority of break-ins occur, so it’s important to make your home a less attractive target. And when that burglar does decide to break in, what’s protecting your home? Good locks are just not enough.

As we’ve noted before, only one in five homes is protected by a monitored alarm system, even though statistics show that a home without a monitored system is three times more likely to be hit by a burglar than the monitored home next door. FrontPoint is with you all the way on this one: we want that burglar to run away as soon as the siren sounds, knowing that police are on the way. And, a system with cellular monitoringand Crash & Smash protection is virtually undefeatable. As the nationwide leader in interactive, wireless home security, we care about protecting lives and property. So, we really hope there are 33 more homes in Chester County that now have a monitored system – even if they are not all FrontPoint systems! What’s crime like in your area? Let us know.

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