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More Facebook Comments Detail FrontPoint Benefits and Positive Experiences

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December 19, 2012
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More Facebook Comments Detail FrontPoint Benefits and Positive Experiences

Alarm companies are finally waking up to social media. It had to happen eventually, but the process has been interesting to observe. And why? The truth is, this highly fragmented sector has never been that quick to evolve in other ways, so mastering the latest Internet tools and tactics tools is also taking longer than in other industries. In fact, the FrontPoint blog (now over two years old, and with well over 500 posts) is the most widely read blog in the alarm industrythanks to you. But I do like to see more alarm companies creating Facebook pages, starting their own blogs, and generally jumping on the bandwagon to leverage the power of the web. It’s good for our industry.

Of course FrontPoint is a big fan of social media and review sites – yes, you could even say we “Like” them! We’re all about informing and educating on pretty much every aspect of home security, home automation, and the peace of mind you expect from your alarm company. And as for review sites, they really do provide a remarkably effective and efficient means for people to communicate. As a nationwide service provider with an excellent reputation, FrontPoint has much to gain when people rave about us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social platforms. We also hold sites like Angie’s list, Yelp, and Epinions in high regard, for the same reason. Lastly, it’s even worth checking out the negative review sites – like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and when you shop. Be warned: you can hardly find anything about FrontPoint on those sites.

What People Post

As the FrontPoint name continues to spread across the US and Canada, we get more and more comments on our own Facebook page. And the conversation has been picking up – not just about the clever ways people use their FrontPoint wireless home security and home automation systems, but about other topics as well. But I particularly like the posts where folks share their experiences about the about the peace of mind that FrontPoint provides. Here’s a great example, posted by Kerri in October:

"A HUGE thank you to you guys! I've had my system for a little over 6 months and it's been awesome. Between my husband serving overseas, a wild 2 year old, and my dogs not being much of guard dogs, having FrontPoint has given me peace of mind. Tonight I accidentally set off the fire panic alarm and immediately got a call to make sure everything was alright, then got another call when I messed something up online with the system. It's nice that customer service called the second time just to make sure things were still alright!"

It doesn’t get any better than that – and we have a top of similar comments that make us proud of our world-class service, and the peace of mind we provide.

Another Post – This One on Yelp

We also like converts – the folks who are initially skeptical of us, or of home security in general, especially after they have had a bad experience elsewhere. When these people take a chance on FrontPoint, and results are positive, they offer some of the very best reviews. Here’s one from Matt, posted on Yelp on November.

Being a police officer I am skeptical of alarm companies, their services, and how they hype up police response, as if they can control that. Front point was the only company I called that did not try to lie or over sell their services. I liked their easy approach as well as the self-installation option so I could do it on my time without waiting for a technician to show up and make a mess all over my house.  This system is cellular which was a plus, because I have responded to calls where landlines were cut rendering the monitoring useless. I can also monitor, arm and disarm the system from my phone.  I accidentally set my own system off in the beginning while getting used to it, and right away I had an email and was being called by the company to make sure everything was ok.  Paying for a popular name does not guarantee you great service. If you get this system you will not be sorry.

There’s plenty of positive here that stands out: our consultative sales approach, the advanced technology, and the convenience of easy setup, for starters. But here’s a law enforcement professional, talking about the benefits of safer cellular monitoring: yes, intruders do cut phone lines, and the majority of US alarm systems are rendered useless when that happens.

Other Comments are More Serious

We’ve also read comments about how having a FrontPoint system may well have prevented a burglary. Customers tell us how their neighbors without alarm systems have been burglarized, but our customers were passed over. There are actually statistics that support this fact: it’s been shown that having a monitored home alarm system makes you only one third as likely to experience a burglary as your unprotected neighbor. And with an intrusion happening every 14 seconds in the US, that’s a meaningful measure of security.

There are tons more comments on the FrontPoint Facebook page, ranging from informative to downright funny, and we appreciate them all. And we’ll continue to work on expanding our social media activities, since these forums give our customers (and our prospective customers!) the perfect opportunity to ask questions, share timely tips and experiences, and even sing our praises.

And when someone has an issue with us, you’ll see that too – we don’t hit the “delete” key when a customer offers constructive advice on how we can do home security better. After all, we’ve spent years developing the best methods to protect homes and families, and along the way we’ve had some great suggestions from our customers. That’s just one more reason that FrontPoint is the recognized leader in wireless home security. With systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat, FrontPoint is the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.  We’d love to hear from you as well – and you can “Like” FrontPoint in the process!

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