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More Home Security Tips – This Time from Your Local Police Department

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June 21, 2011
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More Home Security Tips – This Time from Your Local Police Department

I’m always happy to see local law enforcement take a proactive stance on residential crime. Some jurisdictions are applying advanced technologies to fight crime, and others are using social media (like Facebook) to help catch the bad guys. I’ve seen everything from free home security surveys by police to stepped-up neighborhood watch programs – all in the interest of reducing and solving home intrusion activities. And in Hagerstown, MD, the police are making recommendations that look very familiar. After all, police and alarm companies share a common understanding of what works to prevent burglaries.

Hagerstown PD officials are warning residents about three recent burglaries that appear to be related and are offering homeowners tips on how to avoid being a victim. Police believe the burglaries are related, based on several characteristics, including that they have occurred during the day. Valuables stolen in the burglaries include jewelry, TVs, DVDs, video game systems, computers and other high value electronics, according to a news release.

Now the Warning – and the Advice

Police said in the release that as outdoor temperatures rise, there is no doubt burglaries will become more frequent. Police ask residents to be diligent when it comes to home security and offer the following burglary prevention tips:

  1. Make sure home exteriors are well lit to eliminate dark spots where intruders can hide. A good choice is motion-sensing lighting because it alerts people to an intruder’s presence and is energy-efficient.

  2. Be sure proper locks are installed and functional on all doors and windows. Sliding doors are often less secure, so track locks and dowel rods inserted in the tracks increase security.
  3. Keep blinds and drapes closed, and keep valuables away from windows.
  4. Get to know your neighbors because friendly neighbors are more likely to be concerned for each other than neighbors who are unfamiliar. Join a Neighborhood First group or form one if one does not exist.
  5. If possible, install a home security system. There are many security systems and devices that are low cost, yet highly effective.

This is a great set of suggestions – and actually bears a remarkable resemblance to FrontPoint’s recent post, “Top 10 Tips for Summer Home Security.” Of course, our favorite pointer is the last one on the list above: get a home security system. When the police make this recommendation for peace of mind, it carries a lot of weight. And you certainly can get a system that is low cost and highly effective. To be more specific, you can get a system that is safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat – from FrontPoint, the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.

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