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Prepared for the Worst: How Home Security Can Make Sure You’re Ready

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September 3, 2014
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Prepared for the Worst: How Home Security Can Make Sure You’re Ready

In July, I was on vacation in the Outer Banks, when Hurricane Arthur decided to say hello. The house I was staying in took minor damage, but judging by the debris and flooding in the surrounding area, it was one of the lucky ones.

Environmental emergencies – like Hurricane Arthur – are occurring more frequently, making the safety of our homes (and personal safety) a growing concern. And let’s not forget, environmental emergencies can occur inside homes also – a burst pipe or faulty stove can be just as damaging and dangerous as a blizzard or tropical storm.

More than ever, it’s important to be prepared for these kinds of emergencies, so you can act fast to minimize damage – or save yourself. And this might come as a surprise, but a home alarm system can be the perfect way to make sure you’re ready.

Environmental Protection

It starts with environmental sensors – a type of sensors designed to detect environmental threats.

There are a variety of environmental sensors available that can prepare you for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you – even when you’re not expecting it. Add these sensors to your security system to give you monitored protection against fire, smoke, flooding, freezing pipes and carbon monoxide.

Smoke and Heat

A Smoke and Heat Sensor can help you prevent a fire before it starts with its built-in heat detection. It can sense when a room is getting too hot, too fast, and can also detect smoke particles using photoelectronics.

So if a wildfire sneaks up on your home in the middle of the night, or if a faulty stove acts up, the Smoke and Heat Sensor will know. Your alarm system will sound the alarm so you and the Monitoring Center will know about it immediately. You can then respond accordingly, either escaping unharmed or putting out the flames before serious damage occurs.

Water and Flood

Lots of water is a good thing when trying to deal with a fire, but it’s not so good when it comes in the form of a leak or flood.

A Water and Flood Sensor detects water instantly, allowing you to prevent a leak from causing serious damage to your home. It can also sound the alarm should you be caught unaware by flooding – like when you’re sleeping during a heavy rainstorm.

The Water and Flood Sensor comes in two pieces: the detector and the transmitter. The detector is triggered the moment it detects water, so it’s best to place it low to the ground near a water heater or worrisome pipe. The transmitter can be placed a bit higher to keep it dry, allowing it to send the alarm.


In the winter, water can pose another kind of threat in the form of freezing pipes. This can result in pipes bursting, a nasty problem that can cause water leaks and damage to your home’s internal plumbing.

A Freeze Sensor helps monitor your home’s pipes. It will detect when the temperature drops below 41° Fahrenheit (5° Celsius) and immediately send an alert, so you can then act to prevent a pipe from bursting.

Carbon Monoxide

Another environmental threat that becomes more of a threat during the winter is carbon monoxide, commonly known as the ‘silent killer.’ Toxic amounts of carbon monoxide can be produced by faulty or poorly vented heat sources such as space heaters, furnaces and fireplaces.

A Carbon Monoxide Sensor helps to prevent the worst from happening by detecting this odorless gas. It can even detect trace amounts, allowing you to get out of harm’s way before it can become lethal.

The Carbon Monoxide Sensor is slightly different from other sensors because should it send an alert and receive no immediate responsefrom you, an immediate alarm will be sent to the emergency responders.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Environmental protection is a great aspect of a home alarm system that many overlook. Protect yourself from both intrusions and the environment, so you’ll be prepared for the worst and ready to act.

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