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Seven Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Find at FrontPoint

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August 15, 2014
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Seven Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Find at FrontPoint

I remember when I first interviewed at FrontPoint, I thought it was like any other office. I was repeatedly told that it was a casual environment, I didn’t believe it. This was a home security company we were talking about after all – casual had to mean khakis and a polo.

I had no idea what to expect, but I imagined that everyone strutted around in classy business suits, while sitting in cubicles and offices. I was just a little wrong, which is a good thing.

Flip-flops, cargo shorts and jerseys are common attire at FrontPoint. But there are more surprises than just the way everyone dresses. Here are seven more things you wouldn’t expect to find at FrontPoint.

1.    A lounge

One of the first things you’ll see when walking into our 1568 building is an open space that looks more like a lounge than an office space. Think of it as an open break room, with access to the balcony, TVs, comfy couches and a brand new market.

2.    Identified flying objects


Whether it’s NERF darts or water balloons during Core Values Week, there seems to be an unusual amount of flying objects at FrontPoint. I suggest paying attention at all times, or army-crawling everywhere.

3.    Baseball bats


Don’t worry, these aren’t used for hitting each other senseless. Customized bats are awarded to the top-performing Security Consultants, so they can show off to their peers!

4.    Battles for video game supremacy

Lots of FrontPoint employees like to play video games during their breaks, so you’ll frequently see head-to-head battles taking place in the break rooms. Be victorious and you’ll get to have bragging rights for the day – unless you lose the inevitable rematch.

5.    Ice cream and more ice cream


I once had ice cream for lunch here at FrontPoint. You can’t just surprise me with an ice cream cart and expect me to control myself. So now every time the ice cream guys and gals come around, I demand to be warned at least two weeks in advance.

6.    The Founders’ open door policy

It’s not often you find a CEO and President being so hands-on with their employees, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at FrontPoint. Chris Villar and Aaron Shumaker have a specific email just for responding to questions and comments, made time to sit down for an in-depth Founders interview, and often walk around passing out free food to employees.

7.    Graffiti


There’s nothing better than vandalizing your own office. Just kidding, but we are encouraged to make our desks our own and that includes scribbling on our desk dividers (with non-permanent markers, of course). Unleash your inner artist, create a quote or just write a note!

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