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Smart Keypad Door Locks: Never Get Locked Out of the House Again!

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By: Editor
July 28, 2021

Smart Keypad Door Locks: Never Get Locked Out of the House Again!

Put an end to risky spare keys, lock re-keying, and worries about unlocked doors—all while making your home safer

Locked out of the house? No spare key? It happens. Locked doors have even left at least two world leaders waiting outside of the White House.

Whatever you do, don't climb down your chimney like this keyless Nevada resident who ended up on the local news. Call a locksmith! And then, solve the problem permanently with a smart keypad door lock. 

You'll never get locked out again—and you'll make your door far more secure in the process. To explain, let’s look at trends in crime, smart door locks' powerful features, and some door-related tips on securing your home against intruders.

Smart door locks defend against common mistakes—and common thieves 

If you've been locked out of the house before, you may be tempted to leave a spare key outside, probably somewhere near your front door. 

Police departments around the country have a warning for you: Don't. Criminals already know where to look, and the front door is many intruders' favorite way inside. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program tallied over 1.1 million burglaries in its latest report. And front doors served as the point of entry in more than a third of home burglaries, according to a Bureau of Justice Statistics report.   

It's obvious but worth repeating: Closing and locking doors is critical. According to the FBI, more than 1 in 3 burglars entered homes without forcing their way in.

Still, when you're running late to work or have your mind on other things, it's easy to leave the door unlocked. And even the most vigilant people may share a home with others who aren’t as careful. But a smart door lock helps you keep your home secure with features that: 

  • Let you lock or unlock your door remotely
  • Notify you when a door locks, unlocks, or remains unlocked for too long
  • Eliminate the need for keys (spare or not) and the need to change your locks
  • Automatically control locks (and other smart-home devices) according to rules that you set 
  • Help you keep track of who enters your house and when

You can say goodbye to your spare key—and hello to peace of mind—when you let go of that old deadbolt.

Smart keypad door locks make it easy to manage access—and hard to get locked out of the house

Frontpoint's Smart Door Lock is a masterclass in using modern technology to solve age-old problems. It's wireless, keyless, and sized to replace standard lock-and-key mechanisms. And it mounts to your door just as easily as a standard lock does, making it a perfect do-it-yourself addition to any of our smart home security systems. 

Better yet, our smart keypad door locks let you control your door with the touch of a button (through the Frontpoint app or our Keychain Remote) or by entering a PIN code. In fact, you can add as many as 25 different codes for a lock—one unique "key" for each friend, family member, and frequent visitor—and revoke this access at any time.

Smart door lockSmart door lock

Thanks to the keypad on Frontpoint's Smart Door Lock, you can come home empty-handed and still get inside quickly.

With Frontpoint, you have multiple ways to unlock your door—even if the lock's batteries die. The energy-efficient technology provides about a year's worth of normal use with just four standard AAs (and the system sends you notifications when they're running low). But if you miss your chance to change the batteries, don't worry. You can turn your smart door lock on by touching a 9-volt battery to two terminals located just beneath the touchscreen. After that, you can open the door normally with your PIN. 

How home automation and other smart features help you thwart intruders (and more)

Smart door locks are more than just convenient. They can also help you keep a watchful eye on your home. With instant notifications—through text, email, and/or the Frontpoint app—you'll know:

  • When doors lock and unlock (or remain unlocked for too long)
  • Whose PIN codes are used and when
  • When somebody you're expecting (like the kids, a babysitter, or a housekeeper) doesn't arrive on time

You can choose as many or as few of these notifications as you'd like. And when something seems off, you'll be able to take immediate action by locking doors, revoking PIN codes, or checking on other smart-home devices, like security cameras. 

Our keypad door locks also make it easy to secure your home even when you're busy with other things. Customizable "scenes" let you control your smart lock and other devices according to rules you choose, such as the time of day, your security system's status, activity from other smart devices, and how close you are to home (by using your cell phone's GPS).

Well-lit house at nightWell-lit house at night

Is somebody home? It's anybody's guess: Scenes can turn lights on and off periodically to confuse would-be intruders.  

With scenes, you can automatically lock your door at bedtime, when you typically leave for work, or when your children are normally home alone. You can even operate multiple smart devices simultaneously—for instance, raising the lights and unlocking your doors when a smoke and heat sensor sounds the alarm. 

To make the best smart locks perform better, eliminate weak links in your home security

With a smart keypad door lock, you'll never worry about leaving the door unlocked again. But if you'd like to make your home even more secure, consider these door safety tips: 

  • Choose a strong door. Materials like solid-core or metal-reinforced wood are ideal. 
  • Install grilles over any decorative glass (or replace it with break-resistant material). 
  • Always lock a deadbolt. Handle-mounted locks may be weak or easily bypassed.
  • Trim plants to give neighbors a clear view of your front door.
  • Install bright, vandal-resistant security lighting above your door and out of reach. 
  • Install motion-activated smart doorbell cameras.

In the end, smart door locks are just one part of your home's overall security. You'll need intrusion sensors if you want to detect things like an open door or window, shattering glass, garage door access, and motion. Frontpoint does it all—and protects your home 24-7 with the help of professionals who contact you and can dispatch first responders when your system detects trouble.  

Frontpoint's home security systems are easy to customize, install, and use. Explore our products, view our packages, check out our blog, or get a quote by calling 1-877-602-5276.

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