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The Many Uses of a Wireless Light Control

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April 24, 2014
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The Many Uses of a Wireless Light Control

The Wireless Light Control is a convenient and useful addition to any home security system. This piece of home automation equipment is connected to the alarm system and turns one of the most common and basic of tasks – turning lights on/off – into an even easier one.

You may never have thought about flicking the switch on the lights as arduous or difficult and let’s be honest – it’s not hard at all. It can be annoying.

How many times have you found yourself in that perfect position on the couch or the bed, only realizing you need to turn off one of the lights? How many times have you fumbled around in the dark trying the find the light switch? And how many times have you come home after work only to realize you left the lights on all day?

The Wireless Light Control helps eliminate these small nuisances from your life. And in addition to added convenience, the Light Control also helps you reduce your energy bill.

The device can also be used in many surprisingly unique ways. Most of these ideas – which we’ll share later on in this post – came from our creative customers.

Primary Functions of Wireless Light Control

Before we dive into the creative applications, let’s look at the primary functions of the Wireless Light Control.

  1. Remote Control – Allows you to turn lights on or off over the web, either through the online portal on your computer or the mobile app.
  2. Scheduled Automation – Lights attached to the Light Control can be scheduled to turn on/off at specific times, and on specific days.
  3. Event-Triggered Automation – Specific alarm sensors can be paired with the Light Control to automatically turn on the lights when triggered.

These functions give users more control and convenience, as well as an additional layer of home security. Commuters who don’t arrive home until the sun goes down can use the Wireless Light Control to remotely turn on the lights and deter burglars, since it looks like someone is already home.

Parents who work can use the Light Control to schedule the lights to always come on right before their children arrive home from school. There’s no need to worry about your child coming home to a dark, empty house.

And tying Light Controls to alarm sensors might be the best way to scare off a burglar. They like to use the darkness to their advantage, so imagine their surprise when they trip a sensor and all your lights turn on to expose them! This combined with the loud alarm, Crash-and-Smash Protection and 24/7 cellular monitoring, there is simply no better way to protect your home and scare burglars away.

Of course, these are just a few examples of how a Wireless Light Control can be used. Customers have discovered many other uses for this device.

More than Light Control

Many of our customers have shared their unique uses for the Wireless Light Control on Facebook. Here are a few of our favorites.

Come Home, Lights On – One customer took advantage of the event-triggered automation feature by pairing their device with a Garage Door Sensor. Every time she came home from work and opened the garage, the lights would come on.

The Only Way to Start a Morning – The Wireless Light Control can be attached to a coffeemaker, which is exactly what another customer did. He’d wake up, grab his phone and remotely turn on the coffee machine. No better way to start a morning than to walk downstairs to the smell of coffee.

Ending Your Day – While one person uses their device to help get their day started, another uses it to help end it. This customer attached Light Controls to their TV and fans and scheduled them all to turn off at the same time. He comfortably drifted off to sleep, but saved energy throughout the night.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! As you can tell, the Wireless Light Control can be used with almost any appliance, electronic or device – basically anything with a plug.

There are exceptions of course, and we do not recommend using the device with any medical or life support equipment. It’s also wise to avoid outlets controlled by a switch, so you don’t inadvertently turn the Light Control off.

A Welcomed Addition to Home Alarm Systems

Home automation and home security go hand-in-hand, and it’s evident with the Wireless Light Control. The simple device brings convenience to users by automating whatever is plugged in. Plus, it adds another layer of security to an already reliable home alarm system, allowing you to go about your day with complete peace of mind.

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