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Top 5 Reasons Why Interactive Monitoring Makes the Best Home Alarm System

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March 1, 2011
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Top 5 Reasons Why Interactive Monitoring Makes the Best Home Alarm System

Home security has evolved. It took decades, and of course some companies were light years ahead of others in getting here. We’re finally at the point where you can connect with and control the technology in your home – easily and affordably. And there’s one company that has consistently led the way in developing these new technologies – The wizards at don’t work directly with consumers: they rely on authorized alarm companies like FrontPoint to sell and support the best technology. Straight from a recent press release, here are’s top five reasons why you’ll love your interactive alarm system.

  1. It never leaves your side.

    Stay connected to your home on a daily basis with free home security mobile apps to control your security system from afar. Security apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices enable arming or disarming of your system while out and about. Maybe you’d like to know what doors and windows are open, or if there’s a leak in the basement. Find out about both alarm and non-alarm events right from your cell phone. Also look in on your home with integrated video monitoring technology.

  2. It’s great at communicating.

    Is your security system a good listener? Can it be counted on it to not only for protection, but to also to provide awareness of activity that goes on when away from the house? Set up customized alerts for notification via text message or email of any activity you’d like to know about. Find out if the pool gate was opened or when the handyman arrived. Wondering how long the cleaning crew stayed at the house? Track that as well.

  3. It looks out for you, and also lets you look in.

    There are so many ways to utilize video monitoring solutions in coordination with home alarm systems. Check up on house sitters on vacation or make sure the kids are doing their homework. See the delivery truck arrive and leave, or find out when the dog walker comes to take out the dog. Make sure the garage door is shut, or keep an extra eye on a vacation home. With security cameras integrated with wireless technology, stream live video and save recorded clips right from a laptop or cell phone, and get even more peace of mind that everything is okay while away from home.

  4. It will protect you, no matter what.

    Many old-fashioned security systems work through phone lines or an Internet connection that can easily be disabled. But GSM home security technology allows newer security systems to work wirelessly through a dedicated cellular connection. These home alarm systems offer security that is always on. They can even send alerts if the power goes out. What if an intruder tries to smash the security control panel to cover his or her tracks? In the event of a “crash and smash” attack, advanced home security systems will make sure a signal can still be sent to the central station for help.

  5. It can keep you safe and warm.

    Energy management systems that work with a home security system make it simple to control thermostats from a computer or cell phone. With home automation technology, set your home to warm up as part of an evening routine. Or if interested in conserving energy, set the temperature to cool down automatically before leaving for work in the morning. Also receive notifications whenever the thermostat is adjusted.

FrontPoint is proud to partner with for the best in wireless home security and home automation. With FrontPoint’s legendary customer service and’s interactive monitoring, you get real peace of mind from a home alarm system that is safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. That’s why Front Point is ranked #1 for nationwide alarm service providers.


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