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Beltway Burglar May Have Committed over 100 Break-ins: Gets Long Jail Sentence

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January 12, 2012
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Beltway Burglar May Have Committed over 100 Break-ins: Gets Long Jail Sentence

We’ve kept tabs on serial burglars in previous posts, and contemporary crime reports are full of repeat offenders. In fact, it’s been shown that many intruders are habitual, and will keep on stealing until they get caught. Well, one burglar with a remarkably long string of residential crimes will be spending plenty of time behind bars, which is letting residents of several DC suburbs breathe a bit easier.

An Oxon Hill [Maryland] man suspected of committing more than 100 burglaries or attempted break-ins around the Washington area was sentenced to 33 years in prison after getting convicted of breaking into a Montgomery County house.

How Police Caught Him

Brad K. Edmonds first came to the attention of police when a McLean resident reported an unfamiliar car in the neighborhood. In November, Fairfax county police tracked him into Maryland using a GPS device attached to his Oldsmobile. Montgomery County officers picked up the trail and followed Edmonds into Potomac, where they used night-vision goggles to slip through woods. They saw Edmonds break into a car and SUV. A Montgomery County jury in March convicted Edmonds of breaking into an occupied house that night.

Big Numbers – and a Bad Habit

Fairfax County police said he is a suspect in approximately 120 break-ins or attempted break-ins of houses or cars, and the county’s top prosecutor said he intends to file charges in four cases. Federal authorities in May charged Edmonds with illegally possessing two rifles and a pistol. “Mr. Edmonds, I find, likes to steal,” Montgomery County Circuit Judge Ronald B. Rubin said during Tuesday’s sentencing hearing. “[Edwards] likes to break into people’s houses, does so in a very cold and calculating way.”

Armed – and Probably Dangerous

Rubin noted that Edmonds — who police said had a loaded 9mm handgun in his trunk when he was arrested — kept weapons loaded and ready to fire. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to reasonably conclude what he would be willing to do, if pressed, with a weapon,” Rubin said. Edmonds has professed his innocence.

He Liked Virginia Suburbs, Too

Starting last August, Fairfax residents — many in the McLean and Fair Oaks areas — fell victim to burglaries. Investigators linked them because of the similarities: They occurred late at night or early in the morning, typically while people were home. In most cases, doors or windows had been unlocked. Locked homes often showed evidence of pry marks. The thief usually took purses, wallets or loose cash.

Plenty of Jail Time in Store

A Montgomery County jury convicted Edmonds of first-degree burglary, possession of burglary tools and other counts. He was sentenced to 20 years for burglary and 13 for the other counts. State officials said he will get his first parole hearing in 10 years. Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Raymond F. Morrogh said he intends to charge Edmonds in four break-ins there. “It’s obviously a scary situation and we’re going to treat it seriously,” Morrogh said.

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