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Wireless Home Security 101 – Ask the Experts

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November 4, 2010
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Wireless Home Security 101 – Ask the Experts

It’s often stated that people who work in the alarm industry seldom leave it – and when they do, the saying goes, it’s “feet first.” Well, it's not quite that extreme, but protecting lives and property does get in your blood: we tend to stay pretty committed once we get here. The benefit of that commitment to you is that among the 13,000 US alarm companies (and well over 100,000 alarm professionals), there is a tremendous pool of knowledge covering alarm equipment and technology, home security tips, and life safety topics. The Internet has made it easier for you to access this resource, and there are new forums springing up left and right where savvy folks are willing to share their experience and expertise. That’s a good thing, I think, and that’s why we take the time to respond to all sorts of home security questions, at a number of sites. Here’s just a sample of where:

Rumor has it that even Facebook is going to have an “Answers” feature soon, so we’ll be spending time there as well. We already get questions on the FrontPoint Facebook page, and of course we provide a speedy and accurate response to each one. The range of on-line questions that people ask is very broad, and some get pretty technical. I don’t always have the answer in my head – but always know where to get it. Here are some sample questions that have come up recently – with embedded links to the actual responses, so you can read them for yourself.

That’s just a taste of the hundreds of responses we’ve provided. Of course if you have a question for FrontPoint, you can ask it here as a Comment, or post it on our Facebook page. And if you haven’t “liked” us yet on FrontPoint, that's a great place to stay in touch with new products, special offers, and fun contests. Just because we're all about safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun at the same time.  So go ahead - ask the experts. We'll be waiting!

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