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Burglary Victims Spot Stolen Property on Craigslist: Perp Gets Busted in Sting

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September 29, 2011
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Burglary Victims Spot Stolen Property on Craigslist: Perp Gets Busted in Sting

I’ve posted plenty on the topic of social media and what not to share if you want to protect your home and family – we know that the bad guys use Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Maps to keep tabs on the unsuspecting, and target potential homes for intrusion. Police are now turning the tables, and posting on Facebook pictures of perps captured on home security cameras, in the hope that someone will identify the intruders. And now this: an LA story about a burglar trying to unload stolen goods for cash, using Craigslist.

A home was burglarized in Lancaster on June 26, 2011, during which a firearm, computers, and tattoo equipment were stolen. Toward the end of July, 2011, while the burglary victims browsed through the Craigslist website list to replace their stolen property, they saw what they believed to be their stolen tattoo equipment for sale, posted by a person residing in Los Angeles.

Details on the Sting

There is a standard list of the things burglars steal the most, but tattoo equipment is not on it! As an usual theft item, this case reminds me of the burglar who stole bear spray in Bozeman, MT. Go figure…

The victims contacted members of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station Burglary Suppression Team, who opened an investigation based upon this information. A sting operation was conducted, and the person advertising the tattoo equipment for sale agreed to bring the items to the Lancaster area. The tattoo equipment was located and positively identified as the victims’ stolen property. The seller was arrested for felony Receiving Known Stolen Property.

More Background – and No Surprises

A search warrant was served for the seller’s home. Marijuana packaged for sale, an electronic scale, and other evidence of drug sales were recovered from the location. Additionally, numerous items including electronics, jewelry, camera, and musical equipment valued at $10,000 –all believed to be stolen- were recovered from the location.

Those additional items (especially the electronics, jewelry, and camera) are right down the middle for property that is usually targeted. Maybe it’s because I am decidedly long in the tooth, but I’m still struggling with the theft of that tattoo equipment…

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