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Georgia Burglar Leaves Important Clue: His Facebook Page

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May 31, 2012
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Georgia Burglar Leaves Important Clue: His Facebook Page

The average burglar is not a highly intelligent person – to anyone who is smart, it’s clear that there are better ways to earn a living than breaking into homes to steal cash, jewelry, and electronics, often to support a drug habit. Remember, burglary is usually a random act, not the carefully planned heist we see on TV or in the movies. And if we agree that the average burglar is not the sharpest tool in the shed, it may explain this report from Gwinnet County, Georgia, of a burglar who ran away from his getaway vehicle – after leaving his wallet and ID in the car! And that was after the burglar left another burglary victim’s computer logged into the burglar's Facebook account. Really, I could not have made this one up. In fact, this may be the stupidest burglar I’ve ever written about!

Gwinnett County police are looking for a burglary suspect who they say left a telling clue on a victim's computer: his Facebook page. Police say the case of the careless crook unfolded last week, when Trevor Jones left his car unlocked and running in the driveway of a home he was allegedly burglarizing near Norcross, GA. Inside the car was Jones' wallet, containing his ID, police said.

How It Happened

Things began to unravel for the 34-year-old Jones when Stephanie White returned to her home from running errands to find Jones’ car running in her driveway. “I just had that blink moment when your gut tells you to do something and you do it,” White told Channel 2 Action News. “I just opened the car door, leaned in, turned the car off, and picked up the wallet between the two seats.”

The Story Gets Better

After taking the wallet and keys, White got back in her car and drove to the end of the street, parking where she could see her front door. According to Gwinnett police Cpl. Jake Smith, White “saw the suspect emerge from her home carrying items from inside the house.” The suspect put the items in his car, then ran away after realizing somebody had taken his keys, Smith said.

And Better…

The misadventures didn't end there, however. Later that day, a neighbor of White's arrived home and “discovered that someone had entered her home and left puddles of water throughout,” Cpl. Smith said. He said police believe the suspect entered a small lake in the neighborhood while trying to avoid police, then broke into the second home "in an effort to hide." “The second victim also noticed that her laptop computer had been moved and was left on,” he said. “Upon checking her computer, she discovered that an unknown person had logged into Facebook.”

Making It Easy for Police

“Upon receiving this information, detectives determined that the vehicle, wallet and Facebook account all belonged to one person: Trevor Jones,” Smith said. Detectives have obtained warrants for burglary and criminal trespassing for Jones, who Smith said is on parole for a previous burglary and is now also wanted for violation of that parole.

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