The Home Shield

If you're a homeowner who's always on the go, The Home Shield may be the perfect match. Have total control over your home's safety with an array of environmental sensors that protect your house from various disasters. Our sensors will warn you of accidental to natural occurrences— everything from flooding, smoke, and even heat. With professional monitoring and emergency response, Frontpoint takes action even when you aren't around. Our state-of-the-art cameras have video analytics that distinguishes between humans, animals, and vehicles. It also allows you to assign virtual zones and tripwires to customize your camera notifications. Checking your sensors and cameras is only a click away in our mobile app. Take back control of your home safety, even when you’re on the go! Let's get down to what The Home Shield has to offer:

  • Unexpected activity alert- whether it's a visitor, burglar, or animals in your home, you'll be alerted
  • Wired Indoor Camera with video analytics to monitor more intelligently.
  • Flood, Smoke & Heat sensors.
  • Motion sensors that won’t go off on your pets if they’re less than 40 Ibs.
  • Door/Window sensors.

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  • — The central command center of every Frontpoint home security system.
  • — Wireless sensor that triggers a high-decimal alarm and phone notification if a door, window or cabinet is opened while armed.
  • Wireless sensor that can detect movement up to 40 feet away.

  • — Built with advanced, night-vision technology with a range up to 15 feet and enables you to watch live footage from your mobile app.
  • — This professionally monitored sensor will sound an alarm and contract you immediately, sending you help if you need it.
  • Our Flood Sensor features technology that detects the earliest stages of flooding, notifying you immediately and helping prevent costly water damage.

  • —Your first line of defense: stickers and yard signs to display outside your home to let the world know you're protected.
  • Plus, industry-leading Professional Monitoring

√ Rock-solid protection. No matter what day or time it is, you will have peace of mind.

√ A team of highly trained professionals. With the monitoring contract, the right emergency responders will be dispatched the moment you ​need them.

√ Industry-leading dispatch times. Acting quickly to dispatch help, in your in your time of need, because every second counts.


Frontpoint equipment is simple to install yourself. Step-by-step instructions on the Frontpoint app will walk you through the straightforward process. Need help? Our team of security experts is ready to assist you.


For dual emergency communication paths:

  • Cellular service and Wi-Fi must be available in the installation location; two paths are safer in case one is temporarily lost due to a power outage or a cell tower issue.

  • If cellular service is not available, the system should be connected to your router via the included ethernet cable.

  • If Wi-Fi is unavailable, please ensure your cellular service is reliable.

For Indoor Camera:

  • Wi-Fi network that supports a bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps upload speed per camera at the mounted location. Test your internet speed here.


The easy-to-use Frontpoint mobile app lets you control and monitor your home security system right from your phone, anytime, anywhere.

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