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Where Intruders Break In

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March 28, 2012
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Where Intruders Break In

through a door, since it’s the most logical point of entry (and escape). Even when it means breaking down your door, that’s what they do. Don’t pay attention to those crafty cat burglars in the movies, unless you have a Picasso in the living room – your standard burglary is a random, opportunistic act that is usually unplanned and poorly executed. Believe it or not, there are statistics on exactly where the bad guys bust in to get at your valuables, so here they are:

As the chart shows, 57% of burglars enter through the front or back door, and another 23% use a first-floor window - for a total of 80% selecting a ground floor access point. That’s why alarm system design starts with doors, and expands to cover entry points accessible from the ground (click here for my blog on home alarm system design). And here’s another helpful stat: less than 2% of burglaries occur through an entry point above the first floor. When this does happen, it’s usually because there is a stair leading to a raised deck or other entry, or a low roof that offers easy access to an open window.

As for unlocked doors and windows, statistics tell us that almost 40% of break-ins require no “breaking” at all – the intruder gained access through an unlocked door or window. Time after time we read accounts of burglaries where an intruder enters this way, which is why police departments all over the US caution homeowners to lock their doors and windows even when at home, or when out for only a short time. That’s also why the workhorse of any home alarm system is the wireless door sensor, followed by the wireless motion sensor and wireless glassbreak sensor. Some combination of these devices can be configured to protect any home, based on how and when you use your alarm system.

Remember too that burglars don’t want to be seen or heard. They like hidden access, which is why the back and sides of your home deserve special attention. Other measures can help protect your home, and there’s some excellent advice in this list of the Top Ten Tips for Home Security.


Plenty of alarm companies sell a “kit” for protecting your home – and it’s a “one-size-fits-few” approach that rarely meets your needs. Every home alarm system should be customized, which is why at FrontPoint we take the time to ask about how and when you will use your system, and how your home is laid out. With our interactive, wireless home security it’s simple to add devices at any time, and dial up your protection as you feel the need. After all, it’s all about your peace of mind. We prefer that burglar to see your FrontPoint yard sign, and walk on by – but if there is a break-in, you want a system that really works.


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