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No home is one-size fits-all—so your Home Security shouldn't be either.
Customize your home with sensors, cameras, locks, lights and more.

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We don’t cut corners that might compromise your safety.

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We do things other security companies haven’t even thought of.

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The easiest way to protect your home and family. Without question.

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We don’t cut corners that might compromise your safety.

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Tougher on bad guys.
Bad weather. And bad luck.

Intruders? Freezing temps? Downed power lines? We’re ready. With bank-grade encryption.
And a battery backup that lasts a full day. We make sure your system is always up to the task.

Check the numbers.

Safety you can count on.

Cellular Technology

There are no cords intruders can cut to disable your alarm.
Fail-Safe Backups

Technical issues? Not an option. So we have three (yes, three) backups to the dispatch center.
[Frontpoint] helped me in a burglary situation when I had my heart attack. Thanks Frontpoint for saving the day and keeping me and my family safe.

James W.

Safer than other alarm systems. In every way.

A smashing failure.

Crash and Smash™ technology ensures that the system works, even if a bad guy smashes it.

No wires to cut.

100% wireless means burglars can’t disable the system.

No power? No problem.

Industry leading 24-hour battery backup keeps you safe, even if the power goes out.

Security for every season.

Whether it’s 110° or -10°, Frontpoint security systems keep on working.

Whole home protection.

We don’t stop with burglars. From fires to floods, we're always on alert.

We’re with you. Until help arrives.

In an emergency, our operators will stay on the phone until help arrives.

Delivery person? 
Or package thief?

Our doorbell camera is the slimmest with the widest viewing angle around. So you can see who's there whether you’re home, or at work.

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Doorbell Camera

See why Frontpoint is also Smarter.


The easiest way to protect your home and family. Without question.

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Technology that thinks of everything.
(So you don’t have to.)

Home security should fit into your life. Not the other way around. That’s why you can customize Frontpoint security to fit your living space — and your living style. Set up "home from school" alerts. Have the lights go on before you get home. Oh, and Frontpoint plays nice with Alexa and other smart home technologies so you can control your system with the sound of your voice.

We expect the unexpected. 

Most alarm systems wait for typical emergencies. Frontpoint goes further. The system learns your routine and automatically alerts you when something is out of the ordinary. That’s extra peace of mind, without extra work.

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Smart Clips

Bad guy?

Or good boy?

Intelligent technology knows the difference. With smart sensors, you and your pet can stay protected without fear of false alarms.

Smarter than other alarm systems. In every way.

You make the rules.

Set custom rules to trigger the arming of your system based on your schedule.

Video feeds. On the big screen.

Watch live security camera video on your TV with Apple TV or Roku.

Whatever you say.

Connect to Alexa or other smart home technologies and control your home with your voice.

Guests, welcomed here.

Create temporary disarm codes for guests, housekeepers, even the dog walker.

Control your home from a single app.

Turn on lights when you’re on vacation. Lock the front door when you’re upstairs. Know who’s coming in and out while you’re at work. You can do it all from the Frontpoint App.

Safe at home.

Get alerts (or watch live video) when the kids get home from school.

No more lost keys.

Lock or unlock the front door, from anywhere.

Convenience. At your fingertips.

Adjust the lights, thermostat and more without leaving the couch.

Strange car in the driveway? Person in the backyard?

Advanced video analytics will send an alert — and a thumbnail image — so you can see what’s happening.

Control your system using your smartphone, tablet or simply your voice.

Available on:

Works with:

The water sensor saved me a lot of money when it detected a leak...
We never would have known until the damage was done.

Rose Marie T.

See why Frontpoint is Simpler, too.


We do things other security companies haven’t even thought of.

We can say installation is easy. But we’d rather show you.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up a Frontpoint system. Everything arrives 100% pre-programmed and ready to go. Just peel, stick and secure. That’s it.


Unpack, install and be secure in minutes. Really.

The simplest way to secure your home.


The only system that comes ready to go, right out of the box. And setup is done in minutes.
No installation appointments.
No complicated manuals.
No upfront programming.
No drilling, wiring or tools required.
Easy and simple steps for installation...customer service is always
understanding and willing to help.

Lisa B.

Simpler than other alarm systems. In every way.


Risk-free trial.

Try it for 30 days. Love it or return it. No questions asked.

Great aptitude.

The Frontpoint App guides you through set up. And you’ll be done in 30 minutes or less.

Fully tested.

We pre-test everything to make sure all devices are working properly

Automatic checkups.

We remotely test all your sensors. Not once a year. Once an hour.

Award-winning customer care that will make you smile.

Which system is best for me? Where should I affix my keypad? Our security consultants have the answers. No long hold times.
Or endless voice prompts. Just great support, from real humans.

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Still not convinced?
See what our customers have to say.

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Your privacy.
Our priority.

Unlike other providers, Frontpoint ensures every aspect of your home life remains private. Our spotless privacy track record means you’ll never have to worry about spying, data sharing or surveillance. The other guys? Not so much.

Read the news and you’ll see how Frontpoint’s approach to privacy makes us your safest choice.


Smart devices like Nest getting hacked in digital home invasions. >


SimpliSafeʼs [new] home security system can be compromised by a $2 wireless emitter. >


Ring recalls 350,000 smart doorbells after some of them caught fire. >


Google workers can listen to what people say to its AI home devices. >

Check out the competition.
You'll see Frontpoint is Safer, Smarter and Simpler.

Features frontpointfrontpoint Traditional
Simple DIY
Professional Monitoring green-tick grey-tick Optional
Spotless Privacy Track Record green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
Fire, Water + Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Included green-tick grey-cross Optional
Smash-Proof Technology green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
100% Pre-programmed to Work Right out of the Box green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
Highly-Customized Smartphone Notifications green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
Works with Alexa, Google Home green-tick grey-cross grey-tick
Home Automation Fully-Integrated in One App green-tick Optional grey-cross
Intelligent Video green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
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No long-term commitments.
No costly installation.

Just the safest, smartest protection around —
without spending a fortune.

Easy DIY Setup

Pre-programmed system right out of the box.

Risk-Free Trial

Get your money back if you’re not completely satisfied.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Direct link to Emergency Responders, when you need it.

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No service trucks.
No installers. No middlemen.

We work hard to keep our upfront costs low. Then we pass on the savings to make home security more affordable for everyone.

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Save on your
homeowner’s insurance.

Frontpoint can save you up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance. And that’s each and every year.

A whole new
level of professional monitoring.

Award-winning 24/7/365 security monitoring. Thatʼs our starting point. We proactively check every sensor, every hour to make sure it’s working perfectly. Our monitoring even works if an intruder destroys your alarm system.

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When seconds count, we respond faster.

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Trusted by emergency responders.

We have a direct line to emergency responders — so help is never far away.

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Fast response you can count on.

Our monitoring service detects over 3 billion security events a year and we take great pride in responding rapidly to keep our customers protected.

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Certified, trained professionals.

Frontpoint offers one of the most advanced monitoring services in the world. Plus, our professionals are all expertly trained in emergency response.

Don’t take our word for it.
Read what our customers have to say.

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