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No home security system did everything our customers wanted. So we built one that did.
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Frontpoint’s Doorbell Camera is a must-have part of your home security system, and allows you to keep an eye on your front door—even when you’re not around.

Captures crystal-clear video with high-resolution technology. Easily incorporates into any Frontpoint system.

With industry-leading detection range and infrared vision, the Frontpoint Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera captures crystal-clear video, day or night.

True HD video, Bluetooth speaker and an echo-cancelling microphone. Digital pan and tilt, wide-angle lens for a full 180° view, and enhanced zoom capabilities. Initiate two-way audio calls with other users right through the Frontpoint App.

Frontpoint Systems

Every Frontpoint system uses the Frontpoint Hub and Keypad as the central command center. The Hub is the brains of your alarm system and the Keypad is how you control it. The Hub and Keypad are pre-programmed and ready to connect to your network and devices, right out of the box. They run on a 100% cellular connection with a built-in Wi-Fi backup. There are no phonelines to cut, the system is smash proof and comes with a 24-hour battery backup.

Completely wireless, it installs in seconds and lets you control your system from multiple locations. Place one upstairs, by the back door or anywhere within 100 feet of your Frontpoint Hub.

A new way to manage your home. Arm and disarm your system with ease plus conveniently control your lights, locks and sensors when you pair it with your Frontpoint Hub. The Frontpoint Touchscreen requires WiFi and to be connected to the same network as the Frontpoint Hub.


Almost invisible, these small-but-mighty sensors easily attach to most doors, windows cabinets-even drawers. They’ll alert you when triggered or if something is accidentally left open.

Featuring one of the industry’s widest ranges of detection, these sensors make sure nothing moves without you knowing. And since they’re pet-friendly, they can tell the difference between an evil bad guy and a fluffy good boy.

Pattern-recognition technology detects the sound of breaking glass, automatically alerting you of an attempted break-in the moment it happens. Also alerting emergency responders immediately, our Glass Break Sensors will help keep your family and home safe from intruders when placed near windows or glass doors. The Glass Break Sensor works within 20ft of any window within line of sight- great for covering open spaces without needing to put a sensor on every window.

Somebody forgot to close the garage door? This smart sensor knows. And if the door is open longer than usual, you’ll get a real-time alert.


Our sensors detect unusually high temperatures and small amounts of smoke before anything becomes a bigger problem. Unlike typical smoke alarms, if something is detected, we’ll contact you right away- then notify local emergency responders if you can’t be reached.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a serious threat that you can’t see or smell. But our sensors can. When dangerous levels are present, the sensor will trigger an alarm and immediately notify our monitoring stations.

Best-in-class technology. Corrosion-proof design. Our floor sensors are built to detect even the smallest leak, notify you right away-and help prevent expensive water damage.

Home Automation

Key-free touchscreen with Z-Wave Plus technology, tamper-proof and easy to control from anywhere with the Frontpoint mobile app.

Control and monitor the temperature and humidity of your home from anywhere with the Frontpoint App. Design your own automated heating and cooling schedule based on your lifestyle. Set target temperature preferences and get notifications when your home gets too hot or too cold. The Frontpoint Smart Thermostat will save you a ton of energy and provide a custom smart home experience for your ultimate comfort.

Just plug your lamps, lights and even small appliances into the Wireless Light Control. Then easily control them through your Frontpoint security system and mobile app.

These smart LEDs are dimmable and energy saving. Control them remotely with the Frontpoint App. You can even create schedules to automatically turn your lights on or off based on a selected time, day or action.


Works up to 100 feet from the Frontpoint Hub so you can arm and disarm your panel with a single click. The Keychain Remote also works as a panic pendant, alerting emergency responders near your home when the correct button combination is held for three seconds.

Instantly trigger a panic alarm and send customizable alerts based on your security or medical needs. A 100-foot connection range from the Hub means help is always within reach. Recessed-button design helps prevent false alarms.

High-quality, 10-inch x 10-inch yard signs help deter burglars. Includes a 30-inch metal stake.

Let would-be burglars know your home is protected by Frontpoint.

They may be green, but nothing says “Stop” like Frontpoint Door Stickers.

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