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FrontPoint Still Leads Alarm Industry with Highest Customer Ratings

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By: Editor
February 24, 2014
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FrontPoint Still Leads Alarm Industry with Highest Customer Ratings

Every time FrontPoint brings in a class of new hires – and since we are growing rapidly, we do that a lot– we make sure that our orientation process is the best in the alarm industry. But what does that orientation look like – and how is that FrontPoint is so successful at introducing new employees to our industry, with the result of providing the best customer experience you can find?

How We Train – and the Payoff

For starters, we don’t just tell new members of the FrontPoint team about their job. We also explain what FrontPoint does – and stands for – as a company. Then we take it a step further, and teach them about the alarm industry, so they know just how different FrontPoint is as a provider of peace of mind. Different business models, competing technologies, and industry statistics: it’s all part of what we teach. And all that hard work pays off in great reviews from our customers. That’s the best reward for our efforts.

Customer Reviews Count for a Lot

We’re confident that great customer reviews represent the most effective and efficient method for comparing products and service providers. When protecting your home and family, you definitely want to choose the company with the best reputation and the latest technology, along with the highest service level: all that spells peace of mind, which you deserve.

Sharing the Good News

So now let’s look at some real FrontPoint reviews, all of which come from Facebook. By the way: find me a consumer products company without a Facebook page, and I’ll show you a company that is missing the boat. And yes, that goes for Twitter account, blogging with regular postings, and other tools of the Internet age. We like to share examples of our best reviews and comments from time to time – like the following, taken straight from FrontPoint’s Facebook page.

We decided to install a security system.  Our house was previously equipped with ADT by the previous owners, but when we brought ADT out to look at the system to hook it up, they said they needed to install a new system which was going to cost quite a bit of money. This made no sense to me.  So, I hemmed and hawed for almost a year, then happened upon FrontPoint because my uncle and cousin installed a system at their homes.  We called them, ordered only what we needed (absolutely NO PRESSURE to order anything more than that), got our system and easily hooked it up.  We have had some minor tweaking issues with some of the equipment, but easily returned it (free of charge) and got what we needed. I only mention that because it brings me to my next point: when one of our motion detectors erroneously reported activity in the house while I was out with the dogs and my hubby wasn’t at home, the monitoring worked perfectly – we got the texts indicating Pending Alarm, then Active Alarm and then we got the call from the company asking if all was okay.  We knew it had to have been a faulty sensor and cancelled the alarm, but I found comfort in how quickly they called me to assist.   This system and monitoring company is well worth the money. I feel safer and am happy that my dogs are protected from fire now when they are home alone.  They are still protecting the house, but now they have a little bit of help ;)

High praise indeed! And how about this one?

Part of the reason I did not get an alarm system sooner was not wanting to be bothered with complicated installation or having to get a landline phone again.  FrontPoint alleviated both concerns from day one.  I love that it is cellular based.  I love that it is easily portable and when I moved it went with me.  I love that your call back times are so prompt.  I love that your staff has been beyond patient with me when I did have an issue a few months ago and needed your help.  I love that I can control it from my IPhone rather than giving out my security code to service men or housekeepers.  Thank you for giving me peace of mind that I didn’t even realize I was missing.  I have and will continue to recommend your company to others often.

And lastly, this comment from Jerry. I really like what he says: after all, who knows more about protecting your home and family than someone from law enforcement?

I have been a Police Officer for 23 years and have seen my share of break-ins over that time. I own a car repair garage and the first thing I did was research alarm systems for my shop. I decided to go with Front Point due to the fact it was all wireless and very easy to install yourself. The system has worked flawless for the 3 years I have had it. I have had 3 attempted break-ins at my shop and each time the alarm went off as it should and the audible alarm scared them away each time saving me the theft of thousands of dollars in tools. I would highly recommend this system. I have not experienced a lot of false alarms like I have seen with other companies.  Thanks FrontPoint.

How to Shop for Home Security

Since alarm shoppers increasingly use the Internet to research companies like FrontPoint, sites with rants as well as raves can actually be great resources for comparative shopping. You’ll learn a lot about the alarm industry, and quickly. I’ve posted on the relevance of alarm company review sites before – and there’s even one widely read post on an alarm company warning issued by the granddaddy of review sites – the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Today you can check online reviews for just about any alarm company – even the ones who knock on your door, offering a deal you cannot refuse: just remember: you really want to do your homework before you sign up with any home service company – especially home security.

More Sites to Visit

Some popular sites (like and have a starred rating system, and users can apply a score along with a detailed description of their experience. Angie’s List is a membership review site, where subscribers can share detailed notes about a wide range of service providers – including alarm companies. By the way, FrontPoint has far more reviews on Angie’s List than any other alarm company – and they are truly great reviews.

So go ahead: search for “FrontPoint reviews,” and you’ll find the same great news everywhere you look. We put a tremendous amount of effort and resources into being the best. As the leader in wireless home security, and the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US, FrontPoint is committed to your safety and security – and that means honest and transparent sales and advertising, no hidden fees, the best technology at the best price, and world-class service. Now that’s peace of mind.

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