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Home Automation Integrations with Google Nest Thermostats and Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulbs

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April 29, 2024

Home Automation Integrations with Google Nest Thermostats and Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulbs

Enjoy home automation that seamlessly blends intelligence and convenience, courtesy of Frontpoint's latest integration features with Google Nest Thermostats and Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulbs. These noteworthy integrations promise elevated control and added convenience to enrich your Frontpoint system.

Google Nest Thermostat Integration

Now, you can effortlessly integrate Nest Thermostats into your Frontpoint system, providing you with greater control over your home's climate. This integration is compatible with all current Nest thermostat models, including Nest Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E, and Nest Learning Thermostat Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3.

Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulb Certification

In addition to Nest Thermostats, Frontpoint has officially certified the Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulb for compatibility with all Frontpoint security panels. This opens up new possibilities for intelligent lighting control within your home.

Adding Google Nest Thermostat and Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulb to Your System

If you currently have automation equipment as part of your Frontpoint system, like a Smart Door Lock, Wireless Light Control, or Outdoor Smart Plug, adding the Google Nest Thermostat or Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulb to your system is easy. In the Frontpoint app, simply tap “Add Device” in the navigation menu ( ) of the Frontpoint app and select your device to start the setup. Important: Ensure your Nest thermostat is already physically installed and set up on the Google Nest app. For detailed Google Nest installation guidance, click here.

If you don’t have automation equipment, you can gain the ability to add the Nest Thermostat and Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulb to your system with the purchase of a Frontpoint automation device. To learn how to purchase additional equipment for your system, click here.

Streamlined Control & Intelligent Automation

Integrating Nest Thermostats and Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulbs with your Frontpoint system Simplifies control and empowers intelligent automation. Through the Frontpoint app, you can effortlessly adjust thermostat settings, manage smart lighting, and create automation Rules tailored to your daily routine.

               Automation Possibilities by Setting Up Rules:

    • Adjust thermostat temperature during system arming, disarming, or Smart Door Lock activation.
    • Set a comfortable temperature upon arriving home or turn off the thermostat when your Smart Door Lock is engaged.
    • Ensure optimal comfort by automatically adjusting Nest Thermostat modes when arming the system for the night.
    • Illuminate smart bulbs when the front door's Smart Door Lock is unlocked.
    • Turn off smart bulbs when arming your system "Stay" for the night.
    • Activate all smart bulbs in the event of an alarm for enhanced security.

To create automation rules with a Nest thermostat, start by creating a Scene that includes a Nest thermostat.


Learn More

To delve deeper into how Nest thermostats work with Frontpoint, click here.

To explore the compatibility and functionality of the Sengled Z-Wave Smart Bulb with Frontpoint, click here.


Upgrade your home automation game today with Frontpoint's latest integration – making your home smarter, safer, and more comfortable than ever.


Google and Google Nest Learning Thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC.

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