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Home Safety Tips for Fall

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Home Safety Tips for Fall
By: Editor
September 9, 2020

Home Safety Tips for Fall

It’s important to have a good security system protecting your house. However, security shouldn’t begin and end with your system. It’s also very important to secure your home in basic ways that don’t involve your system. This can help deter burglars before they even get close to your house.

Fall presents additional challenges for homeowners when it comes to safety, though it may not seem obvious at first. The falling leaves, unpredictable weather and shortened daylight hours are just a few areas that can impact your home’s safety.

No worries, here are some safety tips to prepare your home for the fall.

Check Entry Points

Vents and doggy doors create unusual access points, and should always be carefully monitored. During the fall, you should also check the trees that surround your home. Trees are easier for a burglar to climb, especially with fewer leaves on the branches. If it looks like a tree can give access to an upstairs window, make arrangements to cut the limb.

Put Away the Gardening Tools

If you’re raking the leaves or cleaning out the gutters this fall, don’t forget to put away all the tools you use.  A rake can be used to break a window, and a burglar can use a ladder to reach the upper levels of your home.

Lock It Up

Always lock your doors and windows when they’re not in use. This is important to stress to your kids during the school season. If they have activities or go to a friend’s house after school, make sure they’re locking up before they leave.

Turn on the Lights

Light is a great burglar deterrent, but we get considerably less daytime during the fall. There are many ways you can control the lights to your home, such as with Frontpoint’s Light Controls.

Clean the Gutters

Falling leaves have a knack for finding their way into your home’s gutters. This is a problem because if they get clogged or backed up, serious damage can occur. Rain that can’t drain can lead to leaks and flooding. The wet leaves that remain can attract termites and mosquitoes, as well as lead to mold.

Have a Safe Fall

Security never takes a break. Use these tips to stay safe this fall, and don’t forget to also prepare your Frontpoint system!


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October 10, 2015
simple but yet very helpful tips. Thank you for sharing!
Julia Rigney
October 15, 2015
Excellent advice
October 15, 2015
Good information.
Andy Kramer
October 20, 2015
Turning on the lights is great advice. And don't forget to turn them on a little earlier to account for the shorter days!
October 28, 2015
Great! It's also a good time of year to get your furnace and fireplace inspected.
Sarah Anderson
March 11, 2016
Checking on all your possible entry points and protecting them is smart. For dog and cat doors, you they have sensor things that you can put on them and the collar of your pet. This keeps the door locked until your pet is in a certain range of it where it unlocks for the pet to get out or come in. Of course, this isn't infallible, but no system is.
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