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Introducing the Home Security Blog Reader's Choice Awards

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By: Editor
December 17, 2013
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Introducing the Home Security Blog Reader's Choice Awards

Can you believe 2013 is almost over? We sure can’t!

To celebrate, we’re proud to announce our first ever Reader’s Choice Awards! We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite posts from 2013 and we want YOU to vote for your favorites.

Vote for the post that is the most informative, funny or useful. It can be the one that was the most relevant to you or the easiest to read. There is no ‘right’ choice, it’s entirely your choice. Voting closes at 11:59PM on December 24. We’ll announce the winners on December 31.

To make the first annual Reader’s Choice Awards even more enticing, we’re giving away TWO $25 Walmart Gift Cards! That’s right, just by voting, you’ll automatically be entered to win.

To vote for the best blog post of 2013, check out the candidates below for a quick refresher course and click over to vote!

  1. All About FrontPoint’s Water & Flood Sensors

    Originally posted January 8

    We kicked off the year in style by offering you the opportunity to win FrontPoint products. One of our most popular was this post about FrontPoint’s Water and Flood Sensor.

  2. FrontPoint’s Core Values and the Company’s Success

    Originally posted February 6

    It’s not often that we talk about our Core Values or the company’s success, but this post delved into everything last February. We appreciate all the feedback in the comments too!

  3. Why Wireless is the New Security Trend

    Originally posted February 14

    Wireless Security is a pretty “new” concept. In this post, we discussed how this trend changed the industry and why it’s here to stay.

  4. Carbon Monoxide Concerns in Schools and Hotels

    Originally posted March 18

    This was a somber post about the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning in public places, specifically a school and hotel. It reminds us that environmental sensors are just as important as door/window sensors.

  5. Who’s Monitoring YOUR Alarm System 24/7

    Originally posted March 20

    The rise of home awareness products has brought the advantages of professional monitoring front and center. But, what do you need to look for in a professionally monitored security system? We broke it down for you in this easy to follow guide. This post is still extremely relevant today, which is why it’s one of our favorites!

  6. Blog Comments Raise Eyebrows as ADT Employee Expresses Concern

    Originally posted April 8

    We were a little surprised when an ADT Employee spoke out in our comments about concerns with the company, but that sort of transparency is important for people shopping for home security.

  7. What to Look for in a Home Security System

    Originally posted May 9

    The language of home security can be daunting! We tried to simplify it a bit by breaking down the basic components of a system, the technology and any possible add-ons.

  8. Four Keys to Customer Loyalty

    Originally posted May 24

    We really value out customers and their experiences with our company – that’s one of the reasons we respond to every single review. included a great article that touched on customer loyalty and we reflected on how FrontPoint applies that message to our business daily.

  9. Five Things You Should Know About DIY Alarm Systems

    Originally posted June 13

    DIY is all the rage these days, and your alarm system is no different – if you have a FrontPoint system at least. There are many advantages to a DIY alarm system, and we discuss them all here.

  10. The Super Home Security System – Not Just for Safety Anymore

    Originally posted June 18

    Home security has come a long way in recent years, so far in fact it’s sort of a SUPER power. Check out the super skills you can get in your system.

  11. Why Reviewers Love Wireless Burglar Alarms – And Burglars Hate Them

    Originally posted July 9

    Find out why wireless security systems featuring cellular technology have the best reviews – and why they’re so effective against burglars.

  12. Get the Straight Scoop on Home Security Systems: Consumer Reports and Online Reviews

    Originally posted July 18

    Thanks to the internet and social media, there are tons of professional and consumer reviews available for just about anything. Learn how to use these reviews to choose the best home security system.

  13. Rutgers Study Showcases the Effectiveness of a Home Security System

    Originally posted August 5

    We refer back to this study a lot, so we thought it was important to include in our favorites. This Rutgers University study shows just how effective a home security system can be in deterring burglars. Hint: It’s super effective.

  14. Top 5 Myths about Alarm Systems Debunked

    Originally posted August 30

    There are many myths and misconceptions about alarm systems and home security. We tackled the top five, offering information about why they just aren’t true.

  15. Maine Hermit Committed Hundreds of Burglaries to Stay Off the Grid for 27 Years

    Originally posted September 9

    Read about how a man managed lived off the grid for 27 years by burglarizing camps and cabins – hundreds in fact!

  16. Eight Great Stories of Stupid Criminals Busted by Facebook

    Originally posted September 23

    Facebook can be a great tool to stay connected, but it has its pitfalls. Here are some of the best stories about not-so-bright criminals who had to learn about over-sharing the hard way.

  17. Protect Your Home from Costumed Criminals

    Originally posted October 31

    Whether it’s Halloween or not, criminals love masking their faces to protect their identities. Read about some of the worst costumed criminals for a laugh and lessons too.

  18.’s Geo-Services Uncovered and Explained

    Originally posted November 7

    We break down the ins and outs of’s Geo-Services. This unique feature – which is included in FrontPoint’s Interactive Plan – is changing home security for the better.

  19. Celebrities Targeted: 5 Lessons We Can Learn from High-Profile Break-ins

    Originally posted November 12

    No one is immune from burglaries, not even A-list celebrities! There’s a lot you can learn from these high-profile cases, so we looked into five recent incidents.

  20. A Burglar’s View of Seven Common Homeowner Mistakes

    Originally posted November 15

    One of our most visited posts in 2013, here we gathered home security advice from burglars. Learn what they look for when they choose a target and how you can defend yourself.

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