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Smarter Home Alarm Systems #6 – Low Temperature and Water Sensors

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October 8, 2010
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Smarter Home Alarm Systems #6 – Low Temperature and Water Sensors

[caption id="attachment_748" align="alignright" width="250"] Click above to learn more about freeze sensorsFall has arrived, with the mercury already dipping below freezing in parts of the US. Snowbirds are heading south, and vacation homes are being prepped for winter. Time to think about what winter means for your home – and how your alarm system can help. I am talking about low temperatures and frozen, burst pipes, and the damage they can cause. The “Good Neighbor” folks at State Farm Insurance sum it up this way:[/caption]

An average of a quarter-million families have their homes ruined and their lives disrupted each winter, all because of water pipes that freeze and burst. An eighth-inch (three millimeter) crack in a pipe can spew up to 250 gallons (946 liters) of water a day. Both plastic (PVC) and copper pipes can burst.

There are plenty of precautions you can take as winter approaches, and here is a link to a good set of instructions from a noted DIY (“Do It Yourself”) site. But make sure you look into interactive monitoring as an important way to protect your property from expensive repairs. What’s more, environmental monitoring (including fire) should not increase your monthly alarm fee.

A freeze sensor warns you by text or email well before water in your pipes freezes, and before you get that signal from the water sensor triggered by a burst pipe. I have both in my house – and you may remember my own basement flood story from last summer.

FrontPoint offers the full line of GE wireless sensors, and the apps to keep you in touch with your home – wherever you may be. The affordable sensors can be added to a FrontPoint system at any time – with no additional monthly cost. As a leader in interactive, wireless home security, FrontPoint specializes in the products and services that provide the peace of mind you deserve in protecting your home and family.

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