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The Best Home Alarm Systems for Renters

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By: Editor
August 15, 2013
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The Best Home Alarm Systems for Renters

You’re a renter. Does that mean you don’t care about your home and belongings? No, of course not. So why aren’t alarm companies paying attention to your security needs?

The standard alarm system pricing structure may have something to do with it. Alarm companies typically cater to homeowners because homeowners are more likely to commit to 3 or 5-year contracts for monthly monitoring. Based on that guaranteed income, the alarm company can afford to significantly discount the security equipment and put together attractive packages for homeowners.

For most renters, a lengthy contract simply doesn't make sense. You may be in your current condo or apartment no more than a year. And you certainly don’t want to buy a security system and then leave it behind a few months later.

So are you stuck with no home security? What about your valuable electronic equipment? What about your wife or kids, home alone? Don’t you deserve some peace of mind?

Wireless Home Alarm Systems to the Rescue

The answer, of course, is yes. And thanks to the new trend in home security – wireless technology – you can have it. Traditional home alarms include large, cumbersome pieces of equipment, mounted to the walls and hard-wired together. Once the alarm system is installed, it is either impossible or very costly to rip it out and take it somewhere else.

Wireless security equipment, on the other hand, requires no wiring of any kind. The components communicate with each other using a wireless radio frequency. If the alarm system is truly 100% wireless, it will also include “cellular monitoring,” which means the control panel at your home signals alerts to the monitoring center using a secure cellular network, rather than your home landline. This method of monitoring connection is not only far simpler to install, but is also safer, because the cellular signal is not vulnerable to breakage or tampering, the way a traditional phone line is.

The Best Home Alarm Systems are Portable

So wireless/cellular home alarms are simpler to install, safer and more reliable. They’re also more affordable, because you don’t have to add on a big installation fee. But for renters, the most important factor of all may be this: wireless alarm systems are portable. Moving soon? No problem! Take your new alarm system with you to the next house!

When you shop for wireless alarm systems, make sure you ask about the specific terms for changing locations. If the system is like FrontPoint home security, as soon as you pay for it, you own it.  There should be no charge for transferring from one address to the next.

For details on moving your home alarm system, see our blog on the topic. It was one of our most popular blogs from 2012.

Portability is obviously a huge advantage if you’re moving to a new place. But the flexibility is nice, even if you’re staying put. If you want to paint a room or move the furniture around, it’s super easy to move the alarm equipment as well. It attaches to walls or shelves with a simple double-sided adhesive. You can change it – or add new security sensors – anytime. You can even add wireless security cameras and keep an eye on the place when you’re away.

If you’re choosing a wireless alarm system for its flexibility, it’s smart to check out the equipment prices in advance. Some alarm companies give you a decent equipment package up-front, but if you try to add new sensors later or expand the system, they can really gouge you on price. When you compare wireless alarm companies for equipment pricing, we bet you’ll find FrontPoint has the best deals.

1-Year Monitoring Contracts

But what about the 3 or 5-year contracts we mentioned at the top? As a renter, you may not be in a position to make that commitment. Are there any alarm companies out there offering a better arrangement?

Honestly, we know of only one: us. FrontPoint. We’ve done comparative studies on the top 5 security companies, as ranked by the reviewers. All our competitors require a minimum of a 3-year contract. We offer 1-year contracts, as well as 3-year. So, it looks like FrontPoint is #1 with renters!

That doesn't really surprise us. We rank #1 overall, on more review sites than any other alarm company.

Other FrontPoint Benefits for Renters

According to the reviews, here’s what customers love about FrontPoint:

  • Safe cellular monitoring with every system – no extra charge
  • All monitoring packages cover for fire, flood, freezing pipes, carbon monoxide and medical emergencies, as well as intrusion – no extra charge
  • Wireless equipment, for quick, easy setup, with no installation fees
  • Free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone
  • Outstanding customer service (Angie’s List Super Service Award)
  • Free shipping!

You may be a renter, but it’s still your home. Luckily, there’s an alarm company out there who’s ready to keep it safe for you. Check us out at

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