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Tips & Tricks: No-Show Alerts

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Tips & Tricks: No-Show Alerts
January 27, 2015

Tips & Tricks: No-Show Alerts

Like the duress code, a no-show alert is another feature of the Frontpoint system that you may not know about. The no-show alert is extremely useful, as it notifies you when someone you expected to be home doesn’t show up and disarm the system within an expected window of time. Here’s how it works.

For each day of the week, you can set a specific time frame for when you expect the system to be disarmed, like when your children will arrive home from school. If the system isn’t disarmed at the end of the time frame, you and other specified recipients will be notified by text or email.

The no-show alert isn’t just for keeping track of the kids. Maids, contractors and other service providers can all be tracked using this feature. Frontpoint Co-Founder and Senior Advisor (and author on this blog) Peter Rogers uses the no-show alert on his system to make sure his dog walker shows up on time!

The no-show alert is a very useful feature and gives another layer of peace of mind, especially for families with children. Best of all, it’s easy to set up. Here’s how:

How to Set Up a No-Show Alert*

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Notifications tab
  3. Click New Notification
  4. Select No-Show Alert
  5. Select how and when you expect the system to be disarmed, and whether or not you would like to be notified if the system is in a disarmed state at the start of the no-show time frame (if the alarm is already disarmed and the user doesn’t disarm the system, the no-show alert will still be sent)
  6. Click on the Add Recipient to specify who will receive the no-show alert
  7. Click Save Notification

*The no-show alert is only available to Interactive and Ultimate Monitoring users

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victor james
February 5, 2015
Nice im going to need this to know when the kids come home and they dont pull a fast one! lool
susan kieffer
February 6, 2015
Not getting mat alerts to the fire department when alarm goes off and can't setup on ky new phone
Miguelina Tolentino
February 13, 2015
No other house hold but me. How when I am one month away from my home, what are the concern I should know? Thanks.
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