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Tips and Tricks: Power Outage Updates

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By: Editor
June 27, 2014
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Tips and Tricks: Power Outage Updates

At FrontPoint, it is our goal to provide you peace of mind. The FrontPoint system was designed to give the ultimate protection. However, there are circumstances we are unable to control, like power outages.

Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons and unfortunately, they cause a power failure to your control panel. Don’t worry! The FrontPoint control panel comes with a 24 hour battery backup that will keep your control panel functioning. Additionally, through interactive notifications, we will alert you when your power is out and keep you up-to-date on the status of your power failure.

How it Works

The control panel is programed to send a notification 15 minutes after a power outage — or if your panel is unplugged. If a power failure persists for more than 10 minutes, we will send you a follow-up message with information on the percentage of nearby security systems that are also without power. This information will help you determine the extent of the power outage in your area.

Once power is restored to the control panel, we will send you an email, text, or push notification, letting you know your home has regained power.

Sample Power Outage Follow-Up Notification: “Brian’s System: About 45% of customers within 1 mile of this location are reporting a Power Failure as of 5:23pm on February 17, 2014.”

During an AC Power Failure, you can also log into the app from your phone, where you will see “Panel – AC Power Failure” on the home screen. Selecting the associated arrow will display a map with real-time information on the percentage of other customers experiencing the same issue within a defined radius (radius is adjustable).

How to Set Up Power Outage Notifications

  • Log into your account on a computer and set up a new Notification (cannot be set up from the mobile app).
  • Go to Notifications tab
    • Click New Notification
    • On the Property Awareness sub-tab, select “Your property lost power”
      • Check Power Failure and Power Restored
      • Choose who to notify when there is a power failure
        • You can sign-up for email, text, or push notifications
        • Click Save Notification

*A follow-up power notification will not be sent if the power failure is restored in 10 minutes or there are not enough other security systems in the area to provide meaningful data.

This feature if only available to FrontPoint Customers with Interactive or Ultimate monitoring service. 

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