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Weatherproof Smart Locks: Protect Your Home from Theft

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Weatherproof Smart Locks: Protect Your Home from Theft
April 10, 2020

Weatherproof Smart Locks: Protect Your Home from Theft

In any

climate, weatherproof smart locks deliver security and ease of use

No matter where you live, you likely have some adverse weather conditions to contend with. And not only are smart locks safe, but high-quality weatherproof smart locks also defy difficult conditions. They withstand extreme temperatures, rain and humidity, snow and ice, and dirt and dust—while providing big advantages over conventional locks.

From home security system integration to remote access and voice control, the best smart locks make it simple to secure your home against intrusion yet easy for you to enter, regardless of the havoc weather can wreak on locks and doors alike.

What is a

smart lock?

While traditional deadbolts and door locks strictly function locally and mechanically, smart locks can be commanded to lock and unlock digitally and wirelessly. There are many different types of smart locks on the market. You can purchase products that enable you to secure your door with a keypad, a key fob, a mobile app, from a website, or some combination of these. You can even purchase models that allow you to open your door both digitally and with a physical key. Some smart locks are designed to be added to your existing deadbolt, while others replace traditional locks completely.


weatherproof smart lock protects your home while providing easy access in

almost all climates and conditions

When selecting a smart lock, quality and function are critical. You need to secure your home against intruders, and you must also be able to unlock and enter your door easily. A smart lock that ceases to function right when it rains, a door lock that jams on humid days, or an electronic keypad that doesn’t work when the power goes out is worse than useless.

Each area of the country offers its own climatic challenges to any smart lock you install. Coastal cities may weather intense storms with heavy rain and high humidity. The northern part of the United States experiences several months of frigid temperatures, heavy snows, and ice buildup. Dry desert winds and high heat are common in some southern states.

Lightning strikes and heavy winds can knock out power lines, while rainstorms threaten exterior home automation components that aren’t designed with water-resistance in mind.  

From its backlit keypad and motorized deadbolt to its wireless setup and keyway-free design, Frontpoint’s Smart Door Lock is built to defy nature’s assaults.

Picture of the Frontpoint Smart Door LockPicture of the Frontpoint Smart Door Lock
Frontpoint’s Yale Smart Lock is both attractive and highly functional, even in extreme environments.


Smart Door Lock offers standout weather resistance

Rated as one of the best smart locks of 2019 by several different smart lock buying guides, Frontpoint’s Smart Door Lock is manufactured by Yale—a dependable provider of door hardware since 1840. Several features make the Yale Real Living Lock exceptionally water-resistant. With a keyless lock, battery-free keypad, and wireless setup, the Smart Door Lock eliminates most major entry points for rainwater, melted snow, and humidity. A rubber gasket offers increased protection against moisture, dust, and dirt.

Extreme temperatures can also take a toll on electronic equipment. The Smart Door Lock, however, operates fine at temperatures ranging from -22° F to 140° F. Neither chill winter winds nor blazing summer sun will keep you from easily locking or unlocking your front door when you install this device.

Any locksmith can tell you that it’s not just weather extremes that can cause problems with door locks, but changing weather conditions, as well. As temperatures increase in the summer months, door frames may expand, putting pressure on deadbolts and causing them to stick. Colder winter weather, on the other hand, may have the opposite effect. As door frames contract, the door may become misaligned with the lock. This can make it difficult or impossible to lock or unlock the door using a key. In these situations, having a keyless smart lock is a distinct advantage. In addition, the Smart Door Lock’s deadbolt is tapered and fully motorized to accommodate misaligned doors comfortably.

If severe storms knock your home’s power out, you’ll still be able to unlock your front door since the Smart Door Lock is battery operated. The device uses four AA alkaline batteries that are easily accessed when the low battery light indicates that it’s time for replacement. Batteries typically last about a year, depending on the frequency of the lock’s use.

The Smart Door Lock’s backlit touchscreen keypad makes it easy to unlock your door even after the sun goes down or on the cloudiest day. The keypad’s numbers are designed to last, and you’ll never need to fumble with a key while your fingers get cold and wet. The keys even resist fingerprints, making it difficult for cunning intruders to try and discern which numbers are input to gain access to your home.

Picture of house with front door openPicture of house with front door open
The Smart Door Lock can’t shut your door for you, but it does provide remote monitoring and locking.

A smart

lock can ease your way in an emergency

Whether a hurricane threatens, a wildfire approaches, or some other natural disaster is imminent, a smart lock ensures that you can protect your home from intruders—even when you’re forced to leave in a hurry. With Frontpoint’s Smart Door Lock, you can quickly check your lock’s status from anywhere using a mobile app. If you find that you rushed out the door without locking it behind you, a simple tap on your smartphone’s screen remedies the problem. And there’s no need to pause on your way out the door to search for your keys—a smart lock speeds your exit and eases your return once the danger is past.

With the right fixture in place, even dead batteries won’t slow you down. If your Smart Door Lock’s batteries happen to die while you’re away from home, you can still provide enough power to unlock it. Simply take a 9V battery and hold it to the two terminals located on the bottom side of the keypad. The touchscreen will power on so that you can enter your unique PIN. Again, note that with regular use, the typical battery life for the Smart Door Lock is approximately 12 months.


Smart Door Lock offers many other features designed to increase safety, convenience, and ease of use

The Smart Door Lock is easy to install, program, and use. The deadbolt arrives preconfigured to fit a standard door frame. Voice assistance for setup and menu options are available in English, Spanish, and French

The keypad offers an adjustable volume level for verification sounds, and the key-free design means you don’t have to worry about lost keys, spare keys, or lock bumping. Lock bumping is a common lockpicking method in which criminals use a “bump key” that targets the keyholes of specific locks to gain entry. This is impossible if there is no keyhole!

Create and maintain up to 25 user codes per lock to manage and monitor access for family members, babysitters, dog walkers, pet sitters, contractors, and other in-home service providers. View your Smart Door Lock’s recent access history and receive mobile or email notifications—including lock and unlock events and low-battery alerts.

Using wireless Z-wave communication, the Smart Door Lock integrates seamlessly with your Frontpoint Security System. You can also connect your Frontpoint account to Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control your Smart Door Lock verbally. The system is compatible with a Google Home device or any Alexa-enabled device, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or FireTV Voice Remote. Frontpoint also works with Siri, enabling voice commands on various Apple devices.

If you have user-specific security concerns, you can easily restrict access for all users except the Master PIN access code with All Code Lockout Mode. The optional Automatic Relock Time feature allows you to set your Smart Door Lock to automatically relock 30 seconds after each unlocking to keep your home safe and secure. And an audible alarm will sound if anyone attempts to forcibly remove the outside lock from your door.

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Frontpoint’s Smart Door Lock, the weather is no obstacle to securing your

home’s entrances

A weatherproof smart lock is truly an asset when it comes to securing and accessing your home’s exterior doors—regardless of the climate you live in and the weather you experience. From gentle spring showers and mild breezes to torrential downpours and heat waves, Frontpoint’s  Smart Door Lock is fully equipped with features that withstand fickle weather. In combination with smart security features and home automation integration—and with an inability to be picked—these devices are far superior to the old lock and key.

Learn how home security systems increase safety in every season.

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