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Flood Sensor


Flooding is an expensive mess. Our Flood Sensor features technology that detects the earliest stages of flooding, notifying you immediately and helping prevent costly water damage.

Frontpoint Flood Sensor works by detecting water from two metal prongs at the bottom of the sensor. If these two metal prongs get wet, an alarm signal is sent to the control panel. The Flood Sensor will float if there is enough water to flood the surface it sits on.

For peace of mind, place a Water/Flood Sensor in the laundry room, basement or or near appliances (i.e. washing machine, water, heater, sump pump) and any area that has flood or water leak potential. With an instant alert from FrontPoint, you'll have the chance to act quickly, before water causes thousands of dollars in damages.

Home security tip: Even if you’re not home, your mobile device will notify you that a leak has been detected so you can get back home as soon as possible to assess the problem.


  • Completely wireless
  • Battery life: ~10 Years
  • Corrosion-proof design
  • Installs in seconds
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 2.43" H x 2.48" W x 1.17" D
  • Works with Frontpoint mobile app


Flood Sensors come pre-programmed to sync with your Frontpoint Hub, right out of the box. Plus, they use advanced wireless technology to communicate seamlessly with your entire Frontpoint system.


Place the Flood Sensor in the location requiring flood detection with the metal prongs and serial number facing down.

The wall clip can be screwed into a surface before slipping the body of the sensor onto it if necessary.


The Flood Sensor will notify you on your mobile device at the first sign of a leak.

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