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Frontpoint Hub & Keypad

They are the central command center of every Frontpoint home security system. It starts with the Frontpoint Hub, the brains behind the protection. Small and sleek, the Hub replaces industrial-looking, old-school control panels and is powered by advanced home security technology like a dual WiFi / cellular connection. Why a dual connection? Simple. If cellular service is spotty, the Frontpoint Hub automatically switches to a backup WiFi connection — so your security system doesn’t miss a beat.

Plus, a cellular connection means burglars can’t use on a common break-in tactic: cutting the phone lines to disable the security system. The Hub also has a 24-hour battery backup, so it keeps on protecting, even if the power goes out.

Next up is the Frontpoint Keypad. We know you’ll love controlling your system with the Frontpoint app, but the Keypad gives you another option, especially when you don’t know where you left your smartphone! Plus, you can assign up to 4 unique access codes which is great for family members or visitors like a babysitter or overnight guest.

Home security tip: Who says you’re limited to a single keypad? Many customers purchase an additional keypad (sometimes more) so there’s one by a second door, in the bedroom, or anywhere else you want ready access to your system’s controls. In fact, the Hub can support up to 4 keypads at once.


  • 100% pre-programmed
  • Dual cellular / WiFi connection for added security
  • Hub has 24-hour battery backup
  • Data encryption
  • Works with Frontpoint mobile app


The Frontpoint Hub is the centerpiece of your smart home. So you can monitor and automate your entire home with Frontpoint. You can add additional components to your system anytime.

  • Supports up to 80 security or environmental sensors
  • Works with over 200 smart home devices
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa


Once you order your Frontpoint system, our team gets to work, pre-programming your equipment exclusively for your home. So when the Hub & Keypad arrive, they’re ready to connect to your network and devices — and start protecting — right out of the box.

Plus, installation is a snap. Follow the simple step-by-step guide on the Frontpoint app and you'll be set up in no time. The Keypad is 100% wireless. Just stick it to any wall or surface, no drilling or wiring required.


The easy-to-use Frontpoint mobile app lets you control your entire system with your mobile device. Arm and disarm the system. View live camera footage. Check security alerts and so much more.

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