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Outdoor Camera


Protecting your home begins before an intruder even reaches the door. Our state-of-the-art Outdoor Cameras can detect unauthorized activity all around your property — day or night.

With Two-Way Audio and smart intruder-deterrence, our outdoor home security camera helps you keep a watchful eye on the driveway, patio door, garage, back yard, and more. They’re also great for monitoring commonly stolen items such as package deliveries, outdoor decorations, and furniture.

Equipped with the latest features and technology, Frontpoint’s outdoor security camera will take your home protection and awareness to the next level. Two-Way Audio capabilities enable you to hear and speak with visitors—right from the mobile app—and a 49-foot vision range lets you see what's happening outside your home, even in low-light conditions.

Combining the power of Video Analytics and new Perimeter Guard™ functionality, you can now ward off intruders with loud beeps and flashing lights, automatically emitted when a person or animal enters the camera's field of vision. Select customized criteria for this behavior, such as time of day or arming status, to help discourage intruders when you're away from home or sound asleep.

All recorded video clips are securely stored and captured with audio, so guests or family members can leave you audible messages. With 1080p High Dynamic Range (HDR) video and powerful night vision, Frontpoint’s outdoor security camera is a new cornerstone to home protection.


  • Perimeter Guard™: functions as smart intruder-deterrence, warding off approaching people or animals with a loud beep and flashing lights during indicated times​
  • Video Analytics: capture snippets of video footage based on intelligent activity detection–deciphering between animals, people, and objects​
  • SD Card Continuous Recording Compatible: watch 24/7 video footage from up to 29 days and search footage by event, date, or time–directly from the mobile app
    • Micro-SD card must be purchased separately
  • Two-Way Audio: Built-in speaker and microphone to speak with visitors​
  • HDR 1080p image resolution​
  • 117⁰ horizontal and 65 ⁰ vertical field of view
  • Rain and dust protection (IP66 rating)
  • 49 feet of low light vision
  • 9 ft AC adapter cable with a 5.5 ft outdoor power cable included
  • 3-year warranty


Easily add your camera to your system using the Frontpoint mobile app, then use the included template and screws to mount your camera.

Requirements for Installation and Mounting:

  • Wi-Fi connection: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz
  • An outlet within 14 feet of the camera location to accommodate the length of the AC adapter cable
  • Power Drill
  • Drill bit
    • When using the included wall anchors*: 1/4” drill bit
    • When wall anchors are not used: 5/32” drill bit

*It is recommended to use the included wall anchors when installing screws into drywall or brick


Set custom alerts, view live video, and watch recorded clips with audio- straight from the Frontpoint mobile app.


1. Can I program the motion sensor of the outdoor camera to detect particular objects and notify me about them?

Video Analytics allows your camera to distinguish the difference between a person, animal, or vehicle when it detects movement. The Frontpoint app can notify you whenever movement is detected. You can also set tripwires and virtual zones so that you’re only notified when activity is detected in designated areas.

2. What is Perimeter Guard and how does it work?

Perimeter Guard works with compatible cameras to protect your home as a form of smart-intruder deterrence. Combining the functionality of Video Analytics and Two-Way Audio, Perimeter Guards helps you ward off intruders before they arrive at your doorstep. Based on your selection, loud beeps and flashing lights are automatically emitted when a person or animal enters the camera's field of vision.

3. Will my outdoor camera work if the power goes out?

No. The Outdoor Camera requires a power source, so it will not work if your power goes out.

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