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Smart Home Security Unlike Anything Else.

Your home. Your family. Your lifestyle. Nothing about you is standard—that’s why we offer highly customizable packages that give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


Frontpoint System

No home security system did everything our customers wanted—so we built a safer, smarter, and more powerful system.

Frontpoint Hub

The Hub is built to switch between WiFi and cellular services, so that if one service goes down, the other immediately kicks in. And smash-proof to ensure your alarm signal still goes through even if it’s destroyed by an intruder.

Frontpoint Keypad

Powered by AA batteries, you can easily add multiple keypads around the home, making it easier to quickly arm, disarm, and regularly check the status of the system.


Inside or out, now you can keep an eye on the things that matter most. Frontpoint smart cameras lets you see, speak, and hear what’s happening in real time right from your phone.

Indoor Camera

Captures crystal clear video using the highest-resolution technology and covers areas that are large, small, and everything in between.

Outdoor Camera

Wireless Wi-Fi camera with long-range detection of up 40 ft, even in night vision mode. Plus, up to 10 people can watch, so there are more eyes on your home at all times.

Doorbell Camera

Slimmest doorbell camera with the widest-angle lens available. Fits most door frames and requires no professional installation.

Home Automation

With us, it's all about you. Get highly-personalized and powerful home automation designed to meet the unique needs of your home, family, and lifestyle.

Smart Door Lock

More durable and secure than locks made with plastic parts, 100% pick-proof to help prevent break-ins, and fingerprint-resistant keypad to protect passwords from being traced.

Smart Light Bulb

Make people think you’re home—even when you’re not with a perfectly timed display or randomly turn them on right from the Frontpoint app.

Wireless Light Control

Never return to a dark home again. Set lights to trigger when you walk through the door or turn them on and off right from the Frontpoint app.

Garage Door Controller

No need to come back home to close the garage door. We’ll alert you if it’s left open for too long, so you can close it right from the Frontpoint app.

Intrusion Sensors

Forget old-school security systems. Our powerfully advanced technology is built to outsmart even the most sophisticated burglars.

Motion Sensor

With one of the industry’s leading detection ranges covering a 44 ft area and a 90° field of view, nothing moves without you knowing.

Door and Window Sensor

Best in class, with one of the longest battery lifespans and easiest set-ups in the industry. Fully compatible with most doors and windows.

Glass Break Sensor

Break-ins stop at broken windows. Pattern recognition technology focuses only on the sound of breaking glass and automatically alerts our monitoring team when triggered.

Garage Door Sensor

Never forget to close the garage door again. The sensor can detect if the garage door is left open longer than usual and sends a real-time notification so you can take action.

Hazard Sensors

Smart home security goes beyond protection from potential burglars and intruders. Stay informed of any changes in your home’s smoke, temperature, water, and CO levels.

Smoke and Heat Sensor

Powerfully intelligent sensors detect minor smoke and smoldering fires faster with wireless technology you can place virtually anywhere.

Carbon and Monoxide Sensor

It senses what you can’t—so you’re always protected. Field-tested and patented, with one of the longest battery lifespans in the industry.

Flood Sensor

Innovative, corrosion-proof design is built to detect even the smallest leak before it becomes a flood.


Our range of compatible accessories is specially designed to complement your security packages and add an extra layer of protection.

Keyless Remote

No more fumbling for the right key—this remote works up to 100ft from the hub with unique key codes for different users, so you always know who’s coming in and out.

Panic Pendant

A 100ft connection range from the hub means help is always within reach and with our smart, recessed-button design accidental false alarms are avoidable.