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Safeguard Your Small Business with Frontpoint Security

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November 21, 2023

Safeguard Your Small Business with Frontpoint Security

Running a small business comes with its unique set of challenges, and security should be a top priority. That's where Frontpoint comes in – a security solution tailored for small businesses. Whether you own a store, salon, or restaurant, Frontpoint offers a customizable and user-friendly system designed to protect your business, employees, and assets. In this article, we'll explore the key features that make Frontpoint an ideal choice for small businesses like yours. 

Advanced Cameras for Enhanced Security

 Advanced Cameras

Frontpoint's advanced cameras are equipped with best-in-class features to take your security to the next level. These cameras record video based on events of interest and feature Two-Way Audio, allowing you to communicate with guests and employees. The system provides live and saved video streaming directly from the app or website. Here are some standout capabilities:

  • Video Analytics for Smart Notifications: Set up notifications based on specific areas of interest, ensuring you're alerted when someone enters a designated space.
  • Continuous Recording for Complete Coverage: With a supported micro-SD card (not included), you can access 24/7 video footage from up to 58 days in the past. This feature gives you a comprehensive view of events leading up to and following incidents, allowing you to play detective if needed.

Feature-Rich Frontpoint App for Remote Control

Frontpoint App

The Frontpoint app is a game-changer for small business owners, offering convenient control and monitoring from anywhere. Some key features include:

  • Review Sensor and System History: Look back at events within the last 90 days, including sensor activities, motion detection, captured video clips, and other insights into your system usage.
  • Custom User Codes: Assign unique codes to employees, providing visibility into when they disarm the system. Receive notifications for Unexpected Activity, ensuring you stay informed about any irregularities.
  • Expandable Security: As your business grows, seamlessly link additional Frontpoint systems under one login for simplified security management.

Industry-Leading Alarm Response Time

Monitoring 24/7

Frontpoint takes emergency response seriously. When an alarm is activated, we notify you immediately along with our 24/7 monitoring station. Highly-trained personnel are standing by to send the appropriate emergency responders to your home.

Accidents can sometimes happen too, so we make it quick and seamless to cancel the alarm with the Frontpoint app, Frontpoint Text Alert, and/or a call from emergency responders. By canceling an alarm for a non-emergency situation, you can avoid false alarm fines from your local jurisdiction.

Building Your Customized System

 Frontpoint Security Products

Frontpoint systems are fully customizable, allowing you to build a tailored solution for your small business. Consider the following components:

  • Hub and Keypad: The brains of your system. Learn more here.
  • Outdoor Cameras: Although the recommended cameras are named "Outdoor" Cameras - don't let that fool you; they are powerful when installed indoors on your walls and come equipped with best-in-class features.
  • Glass Break Sensor: Protect large areas by triggering an alarm when a window or glass door is broken. Learn more about our Glass Break Sensors.
  • Smart Door Lock: Assign custom codes for employee tracking and maintain control over access with a Smart Door Lock.
  • Keychain Remote: Keep employees safe with a panic button for emergencies. Consider a Keychain Remote for each employee, or keeping one under each register.

Is Frontpoint Right for You?

Frontpoint is a DIY security system that makes security easy for small business owners. This means that installation (although easy and simplified over the last decade) must be done by the business owner, manager, or employee.

If there are ever issues that arise, troubleshooting also must be done by owners or managers on-site. Although we're thrilled to assist over the phone, Frontpoint cannot deploy technicians to assist, and we cannot help troubleshoot if the person calling doesn't have account information to verify their identity.

If this still sounds workable for your business, and you're excited about the features mentioned above, give us a call to discuss! Still not sure? Give us a call anyway, and we'll let you know if your business will be a good fit. With a feature-rich app, DIY-friendly security sensors, smart automation, and comprehensive video monitoring this system provides a complete security net that ensures your business remains safe, secure, and productive around the clock.

With a feature-rich app, DIY-friendly security sensors, smart automation, and comprehensive video monitoring this system provides a complete security net that ensures your business remains safe, secure, and productive around the clock.

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