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6 Ways a Door Window Sensor Makes Life Easier

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By: Editor
February 14, 2014
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6 Ways a Door Window Sensor Makes Life Easier

The Door Window Sensor is a staple of home security systems, far and away the most commonly used of all security sensors. It’s easy to see why, stick the two pieces on a door or window and you’re done. It embodies what a good security system should be: simple and effective.

However, there’s much more to the Door Window Sensor than what you may think.

Most users place Door Window Sensors in the traditional spots mentioned above, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s the most effective way to use them. But we’ve heard stories of customers using them NOT as intended and had great results in making their lives easier.

Here are some of the unique ways you can use the Door Window Sensor.

  1. Keep the window open – even when armed. One of our customers, Stan P., shared this idea with us on Facebook:

    “I post a second magnet along the window sill at just enough space to let in fresh air when we want to! That way, the system can be armed either ‘completely closed’, or ‘opened windowed’ and work effectively! It works perfectly every time and does not at all compromise our protection!”

    It’s the perfect way to get some fresh air, while keeping your system armed. If someone tries to open it any further, the alarm will still go off!

  2. Backup doorbell. Your doorbell hasn't worked for weeks and it’s too expensive to fix. Luckily, you have a Door Window Sensor. Anytime anyone goes through the front door, your security system will chime. Even better, get a notification on your phone! If you have a screen, glass or another type of exterior door, consider putting the Door Window Sensor there. You may not hear a guest knocking, but you’ll hear the chime and notification!
  3. Stuff you don’t want moved. Are you really particular about where your furniture sits? Get the sneaky suspicion that your roommate is moving your stuff when you’re not around? Place a Door Window Sensor on the leg of your furniture or TV and now you’ll know.
  4. Keep people out. Parents with nosy children, adults with nosy roommates, listen up. Door Window Sensors not only keep people out of your home, but can keep them from going through stuff IN your home. Place one on a liquor cabinet, safe, closet, and anything else. You’ll know every time someone tries to snoop through your things.
  5. Mail notification. Another idea from Facebook, Hank E. shared:

    “I put the garage door sensor on my mailbox, so I can be alerted when the mail arrives!”

    Hank may have used a Garage Door Sensor, but we see no reason why a Door Window Sensor wouldn't work just as well. Know exactly when the mail arrives each day!

  6. Guard the shed. In addition to placing Door Window Sensors on the doors to your home, put one on the outdoor shed if you have one and if it’s within range of your Control Panel. The range can be checked upon activation or on your online account. Sheds often contain valuable equipment, but the biggest concern is that the tools can be used to break into your home.

The Door Window Sensor is easy to use. It’s so easy that we ignore other ways we can use it. Try out some of these ideas and you’ll see how such a small change can make a substantial impact.

Do you use your Door Window Sensor in a unique way? Share your creativity with us in the comments below!

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