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A Look at Who’s Behind Home Security System Reviews

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By: Editor
October 22, 2013
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A Look at Who’s Behind Home Security System Reviews

In many of our blog posts, we've stressed the value of checking reviews when shopping for a home security system. Review sites are a great way to get an in-depth look at a product or service before experiencing it yourself. There are quite a few sites that review security systems, so it has become more important and more difficult to separate reputable sites from others. Reviews from reputable sites are more credible and trustworthy, customer reviews are moderated to ensure quality, and professional reviews are properly researched and written in detail.

Customer review sites, such Yelp and Consumer Affairs, are fantastic resources. Customers provide some of the best alarm system reviews because they speak from personal experience. They express both positive and negative experiences with customer service, the equipment, and more. While the personal insight is great, customer reviews also end up being either too focused, or very generic. That’s when it’s best to turn to professional review sites, where the reviews are much more comprehensive.

Professional review sites provide a detailed look at home alarm systems, as well as overall company performance. They often rank security systems against each other, to better display how they compare. There are many industry review sites, but not all are equal. Some sites are downright superior, with reviews that are more accurate and in-depth. So, what factors should customers look for in a security system review site? Here are our recommendations:

The number of security companies reviewed: There are thousands of home alarm companies in the US, so it’s nearly impossible to find a review on each one. However, at least five of the top companies should be reviewed as a way to see how the competitors stack up against each other. Sites that compare any less might be ignoring a company that many customers are considering.

How often the reviews are updated: The home security industry is constantly changing and the reviews need to reflect that. If a site hasn't been updated in more than a year, there is a good chance relevant information is missing.

Are the reviews detailed: Security system reviews that are short in length are probably lacking the finer details. There are so many important aspects to a home security system – the company, customer service, extra features, etc. – that it’d be impossible to narrow it down to a simple review. The best reviews are comprehensive, meaning they cover everything.

Different categories: Are the reviews divided into categories? Sites that separate wireless security systems from wired systems can help customers who are looking for a specific type.

Passing the eye test: Does it pass your personal eye test? The more reputable review sites are generally more organized and have a professional look.  Graphs and charts that compare different companies are always welcome – a picture is worth a thousand words.

The following sites are great starting points, and examples of the best review sites for customers:

A Secure Life: A comprehensive review site that is dedicated to security, including personal, home and online security. It awards badges to top products or services that exceed expectations.

Top Ten Reviews: An excellent review site for all things technology, from computer software to automobiles. Its comparison of the best home security systems is extensive and makes excellent use of graphs.

6Webs: This site features the most detailed reviews of home security systems that we’ve seen. From system to company, contract to customer service, nothing is left untouched.

Best Home Alarms Systems Reviews: A clean, organized site that solely focuses on reviewing home security systems. At the end of every review, the site offers a brief comparison of the company with one of its main competitors.

Security System Reviews: A site that features rankings for a variety of categories, including the Best Cellular Security Systems and the Best Do-It-Yourself Security Systems.

Others, such as Top Consumer Reviews, are extremely useful and highly reputable sites. It comes down to what you, as a customer, seek in your home alarm system.

Choosing the home security system that is suited for your needs can be a tough process, but thankfully there are an incredible amount of resources available now to help your search. Reviews are valuable sources of information that should be the starting point for any prospective customer’s research, so use those reviews to determine what security system and company will be best for you.

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