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ADT Former Sale Representative Arrested for Burglary – An Even Stronger Case for DIY Alarm Systems

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August 15, 2011
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ADT Former Sale Representative Arrested for Burglary – An Even Stronger Case for DIY Alarm Systems

You would think that if you could trust anyone, it would be employees (or recent employees) of alarm companies. After all, they supposedly undergo thorough background checks, and are charged with protecting the lives and property of their employers’ customers. We understand a few bad apples are bound to turn up: just a few weeks ago I posted on thetechnician from a “door knocker” alarm company who was arrested for stealing a ring during an alarm installation. It happens, sadly. Now this report from Louisville, KY adds fuel to the fire, and gives further proof of why the very best alarm system may be the one you set up yourself.

He recently went door-to-door selling ADT alarm systems, but Louisville Metro Police say home security was on his mind for all the wrong reasons. According to an arrest report, 27-year-old Gary Stephen Adkins, III is an attempted burglar. And if it hadn't been for an alert homeowner, he might still be on the street.

Details of the Intrusion

Police say that on Monday afternoon, a Louisville woman was at her home on Meadow Farms Place when she heard someone knocking on her front door. Moments later, the doorbell rang. When she looked out the window, she saw a man in a white t-shirt making his way to the side door. From there, she watched him go to the rear door. The homeowner then went to the kitchen window, where police say, she got a good look at him. That's when he tried to kick in the rear door. When that didn't work, the homeowner was surprised to see a planter smash through her rear window.

Several elements of this attempted break-in are typical: it happened during the day; it started with a knock on the door to see if anyone was home; and it included attempted entry through window broken by the intruder.

Police Quickly Nab the Suspect

Moments later, the intruder fled, but he didn't get far. The homeowner called police and gave them a detailed description, and officers were able to stop him not far from the home. The homeowner was brought to the scene, and she quickly identified Adkins as the intruder. Police say Adkins' vehicle was full of stolen and "possibly stolen" goods, including a stolen Glock pistol. Officers searched his apartment and also say they found a stolen shotgun, PlayStation 3 and speaker system.

This is Where it Hurts

As recently as June, Adkins was in the home security business. Police say he still had contracts and customer information in his possession. He was charged with attempted burglary and multiple counts of receipt of stolen property.

The Compelling Case for DIY Alarm Systems

First, let’s be clear on what I mean by DIY. The term means “Do It Yourself,” though DIY may imply a project like adding on a deck, or tiling the bathroom. Some DIY projects aren’t necessarily easy, and often require tools and some skill. That’s why we call the FrontPoint system “Easy Set Up” – it’s remarkably simple: plug-and play, no tools, and most people can do it in about half an hour.

So now you can have the most advanced next-generation home alarm system available today: protection and peace of mind that you can easily set up yourself, add to any time, and even move with you. No inconvenient scheduling of appointments, or waiting days for someone to respond when an issue arises. Here’s a link to short informative video that shows just how simple the FrontPoint system is for you to set up.

On-line shoppers quickly learn why we are the nationwide leader in interactive, wireless home security: our long list of five-star reviews spells out very clearly why we’re the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.  Being on top means we have to prove ourselves in every aspect of our business – with systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. And best of all, there is never a salesperson or technician in your home. Now that’s peace of mind!

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