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Burglaries Peak in Western Tourist Center - Crime Spotlight on Santa Fe, NM

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March 24, 2011
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Burglaries Peak in Western Tourist Center - Crime Spotlight on Santa Fe, NM

It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic spot than Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico. Perhaps that’s why tourism is the city’s second largest economic driver behind state government. As the highest and oldest state capital in the US, Santa Fe has long attracted art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts – but now appears to be drawing in a different type of visitor.

After announcing the highest burglary rate since it started keeping record, the Santa Fe Police Department says it’s working on several proactive approaches to reduce that crime. 876 burglaries were reported in Santa Fe in 2010. “The numbers are the highest they’ve ever been for residential burglaries,” said Captain Gerald Rivera.

What’s Behind the Numbers?

We know the nation's weak economy has fueled the increase in crime we see in many jurisdictions, but local authorities have identified some of their own causes for the spike in home intrusion.

The department points to natural growth of the city, weak repeat offender laws and drugs as contributing factors. "That seems to be what really fuels the property crimes, is people that are addicted to the drugs, that's how they support their habit,” said Rivera.

The Steps Police are Taking

The department is handing out packets full of mug shots of the top burglars and shoplifters in the city to pawn shops and jewelry buyers.  Those mugs are also spread across the police department’s briefing room.  Police say by making the offenders more recognizable, it will hopefully deter them from committing crimes.

What You Can Do

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