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Burglars Pick on Apple Stores – New Technology Devices Targeted for Theft

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April 12, 2011
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Burglars Pick on Apple Stores – New Technology Devices Targeted for Theft

It’s not just residential burglaries that are increasing in many parts of the US: break-ins at commercial locations (like retail stores) have also seen an increase. And unlike homes, where only one in five has the peace of mind that comes from a monitored alarm system, most stores are required by their insurance providers to have an alarm system in place. That’s a good thing, for some companies - as this story on thefts from Apple Stores shows.

Apple Stores, renowned for innovative design and upscale appeal, have become the Tiffany of electronics — loved by shoppers and burglars alike. The FBI is assisting several law enforcement agencies in an ongoing investigation of more than a dozen Apple Store robberies in states from Connecticut to Virginia, said Special Agent J.J. Klaver in Philadelphia. And a security guard shot and killed an armed burglary suspect in Chula Vista, Calif., on Monday in the most recent of a nationwide string of robberies at Apple Stores.

FrontPoint knows first-hand how popular these devices are. As more alarm system functions and services are available on mobile devices, the Apple iPhone has become an integral part of using advanced security and home automation features: the alarm software programmers usually release the Apple app first, then they move on to apps for BlackBerry and Droid phones.

More Details on the Targeted Apple Devices

The crimes highlight the growing value of iPhones, iPads and MacBook computers that are tantalizingly displayed like jewelry just inside glass walls. Apple declined to comment but is working with law enforcement on the Northeast robberies. "They do try to increase their security as best they can with alarm systems, security guards and the thickness of the glass," says Lt. Walt Miller of the Evesham Township (N.J.) Police Department.

How an iPhone Works with Your Alarm System

As for the advanced systems you can get today, here is a partial list of things you can do with your iPhone and web access.

  1. Turn your alarm system on or off
  2. Receive text or email notifications of anything happening at your home, even if your alarm system is not armed
  3. Display the history of events from your home system (doors opening and closing, motion sensors activated, and more)
  4. Control Z-Wave enabled lights and locks
  5. Control your Z-Wave enabled thermostat
  6. View your home remotely through security cams, and receive motion-activated video clips

When it comes to advanced alarm features and apps, FrontPoint is leading the pack in offering these interactive monitoring services. There’s no better way to protect your home and family, or control your home’s environment, whether you’re home or away. That’s why FrontPoint is the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US: our comprehensive list of security and home automation services is guaranteed to give you peace of mind and save you money. With apps designed for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Droid, our systems are safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. No wonder the bad guys are targeting the latest technology. We hope all the Apple Stores have good alarm systems!

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