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California Police Request that Residents Register Home Surveillance Cameras

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September 15, 2014
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California Police Request that Residents Register Home Surveillance Cameras

Wireless surveillance cameras are becoming so common across the US that local police are increasingly depending on them to help identify burglars. We’ve been watching this trend develop for several years, and reporting on it here, since video in the home has become a central element of wireless home security. And as this recent article from Fremont, California shows, police think it’s important, too.

With more crimes being caught on surveillance cameras, a growing number of Bay Area police departments are asking homeowners with the cameras to voluntarily register them so they know what is out there. Fremont was one of the early adopters of this camera registration effort, and now cities from Vallejo to San Mateo to Santa Clara are also on the bandwagon, saying there’s not much better evidence than surveillance video.

Not the Same as Registering Alarm Systems

As regular readers of this blog know, many jurisdictions around the country have had alarm permit fees in place for many years, to keep track of residential alarm users – and to implement false alarm ordinances, where it makes sense. But this latest initiative to register home surveillance cameras is a fairly recent development.

“Well, it is really helpful for us in the aftermath of a crime that has occurred,” said Geneva Bosques of the Fremont Police Department. The department rolled out its camera registration program more than a year ago. Since then, 285 people have registered their private camera systems.

How the Registration Works

“We can map them out, and then we can try to determine whether any of these cameras might help us in our investigation,” Bosques said. Fremont police said the registration process started only after people began equipping their homes and neighborhoods with cameras and sending tips to police.

Helping Police Do Their Job

“Because if we do get them on video, then we are going to put it out to the world that we now have your photograph and that we are looking for you,” Bosques said. Fremont police said since this program is completely voluntary they are not getting complaints of big brother.

It makes sense that local police would want to use every tool at their disposal to solve and deter residential crime – which for years has been the most stubbornly high crime statistic in the US. Registering home surveillance cameras is simply the latest (and very logical) step in the process.

And when it comes to wireless home video that is integrated with your home alarm system, there are a number of alarm companies leading the way – one of them being FrontPoint. This informative post explains how the video technology works, and how you too can experience greater peace of mind from cameras in your home.

Advanced interactive features like home video allow you to feel connected as well as protected – but it does make sense to be sure you have the right technology, and the right service provider. When you are shopping for home security, do your homework, and read everything you can – including the alarm company reviews you can find online. Higher levels of protection may cost a bit more, but they are worth the investment.

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