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Crash & Smash Protection Explained, Again

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November 20, 2013

Crash & Smash Protection Explained, Again

With a larger number of alarm companies now offering interactive monitoring, video, and home automation services, it was only a matter of time before some of FrontPoint’s competitors started making claims that they just cannot substantiate – like saying they can offer the same peace of mind as FrontPoint’s patented Crash & Smash protection. After all, there is only one true Crash & Smash technology, and it was developed by, FrontPoint’s technology partner.

Intentionally Deceptive?

What’s even more telling is that some these companies willfully misrepresent the way their systems are designed, or even tell fibs about the way FrontPoint’s Crash & Smash protection works. I’d like to say these folks are making an honest mistake, but they should know better – and I am pretty sure they do! As we have seen before, some companies will say just about anything to make themselves look better.

Imagine this Scenario

While you’re way, an intruder breaks into your home when your alarm system is armed. After the entry delay (usually 30 seconds), the siren sounds. The intruder hunts down the alarm system – and some of these guys know where to look. He smashes the alarm control panel before it can dial out to the monitoring center. The police never come, and he gets clean away, with your cash, jewelry, and electronics. This really happens – and when it does, it’s called “Crash & Smash.”

How Crash & Smash Protection Works

Now here is what happens with Crash & Smash protection - the real Crash & Smash, that is. With FrontPoint’s interactive monitoring services, we know every time your alarm system is armed. We also know every time a door opens in your home – and even which door it is! So when your system is armed and a door opens, your FrontPoint system is automatically placed in a special status, and closely monitored to see what happens next. If you disarm your system, all is well. And if it’s an intruder entering your home, and the system goes through its normal activation process, we’ll get the alarm signal, know it’s a burglary, and take the appropriate action. But with true Crash & Smash, if that intruder tries to disable your alarm system once inside your home, it’s already too late for him: we already know he is there, and we treat the situation as an intrusion. That’s why alarm systems with Smash and Crash technology are virtually impossible to defeat, and keep you one step ahead of an intruder.

Safer Cellular Monitoring Helps

I left out the part about your phone line being cut, which is happening increasingly in residential burglaries: but that doesn’t stop a FrontPoint system, since we use safer cellular monitoring in every system we have ever sold.

There’s More to the Story

It’s no secret that over the past seven years, FrontPoint has built the best reputation of any nationwide alarm company. We are fortunate to have the best customers, and we have worked extremely hard to take great care of them. Here are some of the things that help FrontPoint be the most trusted alarm company you can find:

  • Completely transparent and informative marketing – the more you know about us and the way our systems work, the better. And you know up upfront what everything costs – no hidden fees.
  • Consultative sales process - our highly trained professional Security Consultants explain everything, and help you get exactly the level of protection you need and want for your home and family.
  • World class support – it doesn’t stop when you get your FrontPoint system. In fact, it just gets better with every interaction. Just look at FrontPoint’s reviews, and you’ll see how good we are.

False Claims by the Competition 

So, back to our competition. Here is a great example of a false claim about FrontPoint, made on a competitor’s web site. Clearly these folks don’t understand how Crash & Smash works. Or do they…?

Smash and crash protection offered by other security companies like FrontPoint rely [sic] on a second message indicating a true alarm event if the system is not disarmed after the first message is sent. [False! There is no “second massage” required for Crash & Smash.]

However, cellular security systems can take anywhere from 45 to 120 seconds connect [sic] to the server! A novice burglar can work much quicker than this, disabling your security system in less than 5 seconds. [False! Cellular communication is safer, more robust, and more reliable than any form of alarm signal. That is why every reputable alarm company (even the new entrants, like Comcast and AT&T), rely on cellular monitoring for either primary or backup alarm signals.]

Some companies (like the one making the bogus claim above) are big fans of Internet monitoring. Watch out! What these companies neglect to tell you is that it’s just as easy to cut an Internet connection as it is to cut a phone line – and burglars know that. All they need is a $3 pair of wire cutters. And which connection for your alarm system do you think is more your reliable – A) the cellular network, or B) your Internet provider? If you chose A, go to the head of the class!

So there you have it – the hard facts on Crash & Smash protection. This is just one more advantage that really separates FrontPoint from the crowd in the arena of interactive, wireless home security. We get it done for you with peace of mind that is safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. And when that intruder even tries to get a foot in your door – we’ll already know about it!

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Show her how much you care
December 6, 2016
Just to clarify, I understand that if an alarm happens, the burglar can destroy the panel and because of crash and smash protection, the monitoring center will still see the event, but what if they destroy it before the entry delay expires? If the intruder destroys the panel during the 30 second entry delay, will the monitoring center still see the alarm?
Katie Rynex
December 14, 2016
Ty, great question! If the panel is destroyed and loses signal during that 30 second entry delay, the monitoring station will receive a potential crash and smash alert. Our monitoring station will then handle this as a true alarm and begin calling the numbers you have provided. Thanks for reaching out and please let us know if you have any other questions going forward!
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