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Customer Questions Answered: Do-It-Yourself

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By: Editor
March 25, 2014

Customer Questions Answered: Do-It-Yourself

Last month, we introduced the first post in our new Customer Questions blog series, where we answer some of the most common questions customers have about FrontPoint. In that edition, we answered questions about cellular technology in security systems.

This month, we’re tackling a different set of questions, this time centered on the concept of self-installation.

Home security systems have been around for decades, but only recently has DIY installation become an option. In most cases, a home alarm system had to be installed by a professional. But this was a huge inconvenience to the customer, which is why FrontPoint offers a completely DIY system.

In this month’s edition of Customer Questions, we’re talking about do-it-yourself home alarm systems.

What is a DIY security system? Are there any advantages over a wired system?

A DIY security system is similar to other security systems, except you set it up all by yourself. This means that unlike a wired security system, there’s no need for a professional to install. No inconvenient scheduling, no pricey fees, no stranger in your home, and no drilling in your walls.

Some DIY systems, like FrontPoint’s, are also safer than wired systems. Due to the nature of the DIY installation, these systems use cellular and wireless technology. While wired alarm systems can be defeated simply by snipping the wires, burglars don’t have that option on systems using cellular communications and wireless sensors.

How do I know that I set it up correctly?

The DIY set up was designed to be easy and can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Included within each package are Quick-Start booklets that provide easy-to-follow directions.

Also, our Activation Team tests every piece of equipment with you during the activation process. This is to ensure that it was set up correctly and that each piece is communicating properly with the Control Panel.

FrontPoint’s systems are pre-programmed to your specifications upon arrival, so all you have to do is place the panel and sensors in proper locations. The sensors come with adhesives that make setup painless with no need for drilling or tools.

What if I want more equipment?

Adding additional equipment is easy too! One of the advantages of a flexible DIY security system is the ability to add on any sensors, cameras, and home automation equipment whenever you want. Like the initial installation, all you have to do is place your new equipment where you want it and then call us at 877-602-5276, where our excellent Support Team will help you make sure it’s working properly.

I’m a renter, can I use a DIY system?

Absolutely! In fact, a DIY alarm system is a great solution for renters. Because it’s portable, you can take your system with you. There are no fees or penalties for changing locations with FrontPoint.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about paying for any damages to the property because you never drilled any holes into your walls!

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Systems staring at $129*
April 10, 2014
There are tons of pros when it comes to installing a DIY security system including cost. Also, while you're setting it up you're learning how it works so when it comes time to use it you'll know how to work it!
Peter M. Rogers
April 15, 2014
Kimberly - right you are. Add to that the ability to add sensors whenever you want, on your time, and even move a FrontPoint system with you. People love this aspect of their home security.
edward Alonzo
January 25, 2015
Hello there, I just ordered my new fornt point security system today. My question is, if you remove a scencer as i am a renter and do plan to move in the next few months, will these stick on scencers remove paint, and how can this be avoinded? Everyone talks about how easy the are to put on, but how easy are they removed if need be? Thanks fo rany help. Also, I am a customer that is totally blind, so I look forward to trying this system to see how useable it will be for a totally blind renter. all the best!
Gilbert Cho
January 27, 2015
Hi Edward, great question! As long as you take your time and are careful, your wall paint should be safe. The best way to avoid damage to your walls while removing our sensors is to use dental floss or a butter knife. Gently work the floss or knife between the tape and wall to separate them. Hope this helps. Glad to have you on board with Frontpoint, please let me or anyone else you speak to know if there's anything we can do to help!
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