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Customer Spotlight: Alvin A.

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June 27, 2014
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Customer Spotlight: Alvin A.

What led you to purchase a home security system?

We were purchasing our first home and wanted to install a security system for safety and to be able to monitor our home while away.

How did you end up choosing FrontPoint as your home security provider?

We searched the web for reviews and FrontPoint was easily one of the top choices for us, based on features, value, and customer feedback. When we say the reviews and special deal on Angie's List, it was a no brainer.

Name the feature(s) of the FrontPoint system that you love and/or could not live without.

We love the ability to control and monitor many aspects of our system from the mobile app directly from our mobile phones.

Do you use your system in any unique ways? If so, how?

One unique way we use our FrontPoint system is through the Wireless Light Control, which we have hooked up to a light (lamp). If we're not home at night, we access the mobile app on our phone and are able to switch the lamp on. In some ways at the very least, it can give the impression that someone is home. Another unique way we use our system is related to the wireless video cameras. We have a camera pointed at our front porch/door, which is a common area FedEx/UPS will leave packages for most customers. This lets us keep tabs just in case!

Tell us about a unique/favorite experience you had with FrontPoint, either with the system or service.

We love the quick response from FrontPoint! Although they've all been false alarms (due to our fault), they are always quick to call to follow-up to make sure everything is OK before dispatching appropriate authorities.

Word association time. What words do you think of when you hear FrontPoint?

 Simple. Effective. Secure.

One of our core values is ‘Build Trust,’ what does that mean to you?

As mentioned earlier, it's the very quick response. Frontpoint has definitely built our trust knowing that the monitoring "headquarters" are on it and will contact us right away when needed.

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